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Pregnant AGAIN?? after tubal ligation!!!
marcee816 posted:
I am 39yrs old and my husband and I just found out that we are expecting our fourth child.This baby was a very BIG shock to us because two years ago I had a bilateral tubal ligation.We have three children 21,12,&2. I am scared to death, I will be 40 when this child in born in October(12)2012(which is our first year wedding Anniversary)and my husband just turned 41!!! He is just tickled pink but I am worried that I physically won't be able to carry another child and I am NOT looking forward to labor either, BUT this child is another blessing from God to our family so we are thankful. Back to the Ginger Ale&Saltines.
SarahNiccole responded:
Congrats!! I would love to have another one! In 2008 I had my tubes tied thinking I wouldn't want anymore children as my Husband and I had already had 4 children and we were both only 22 turning 23 that year. Now here I set almost 4 years later and I would love to add another little one to our family. I cross my fingers that it could happen to me anyday now! The lord works in mysterious ways! Good luck to you!
SarahNiccole replied to SarahNiccole's response:
Well I sit here being only 2 days late for AF to visit and get hopes from your post that maybe just maybe I could be preggers. I don't stress over it because then it's just heartbreaking when it doesn't happen so I go through the day thinking the Lord knows whats best so if AF doesn't show up I will take a test this weekend!
mls1174 replied to SarahNiccole's response:
I had my tubes tied back in 98 because my husband didnt want any more kids but I did. My husband passed in 2002. I had them reversed in 2006 for about $5500.00 when I meet my new husband and got pregnant 2 months later.We now have a 5 year old and one due in July 2012. We are done after this for I will be 38 this year. I'm really glad we did it. Good luck. If you really want it you should really look into it. You wont regret it

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