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Pregnant at 42
4china posted:
Afternoon Ladies! Never thought I would have the opportunity to join this community, but I found out this morning that I am pregnant. I am 42 and have never been pregnant before and will be 43 when I conceive. Mixed emotions, which include being scared, happy, grateful, and everything in between. Hubby and I decided that we would wait until the 1st Trimester was up and we are going to try to get a drs appointment this week. I am guessing that I should be between 5-6 weeks. We are in the DC area, and I want to start checking hospitals in the area, as well as need to determine if we want to do a midwife or ob/gyn. It's all so confusing to me, but any advice or tips you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
4china responded:
oops- I meant to say when I deliver I will be 43!
kay_kay75 responded:
First thing... Congratulations!!!

Second take your time making some of the decisions, the choice of a doctor vs mid wife first, you can then choose a hospital, that way you can choose one that your doctor or mid wife has affiliations with. Most doctors won't see you until you are 7 or so weeks pregnant. You will be offered LOTS of tests but only YOU can decide if you want to have those tests, I suggest that you find a doctor that will spend some time with you to talk about your options. I would also look to see if they are affiliated with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, I say this because they deal with "high risk" pregnancies, which even if you have no other reasons to be high risk being over 35 is a "risk factor". Be prepared for a few more blood pressure checks, a few more ultrasounds and generally to just be "watched" more than we would if we were under 35.
When I had my daughter, I had an ultrasound all but a couple of months because my doctor was worried about the babies size. I had to have the diabetes test 2 times but my daughter and I did great and now I am trying for #2 and I will be 37 when I concive and either close to or 38 when I deliver.

I also suggest to NOT read the "What to expect when you are expecting" book, it scared the heck out of me because of my age! I liked it to know what the baby was developing at what time but not for the what if's or my questions. I found a lot more help on this board.

Good Luck and Congratulations again!!!!!

Kay (37), DH (40), DD (14 months)
4china replied to kay_kay75's response:
Thanks Kay! Good Luck on #2! Of course everything is overwhelming and I am taking my time to let it all sink in. Yesterday was the start of 6 weeks, and I have 6 more weeks to go before we tell our family and friends. Everything in me wants to yell out- WE ARE PREGNANT! But, I will wait.

The biggest question I have now is trying to understand exercise and the amount of time that your bpm needs to remain under 140. If I run up the steps my heart rate rises beyond 140, so I am totally confused if this is for a continuous period of time and what that period of time is. I love working out and love dancing and am hoping to not have to give them up. Yes, I am sure age will play a factor in defining me as high risk, however we shall see how it goes. My first prenatal visit and ultrasound will be at 9 weeks.

So until then I will continue to read and take it all in and prepare myself for this journey that I will be on for the next few months.

Thanks again!
kay_kay75 replied to 4china's response:
I know about the heart rate, but I do believe they are also concerned about the temp of your body not getting too high. I would definatly ask your doctor about this since you are currently working out and everything, I know my doctor told me I could keep doing what I was doing but not increase, make sure to take extra breaks and drink a lot more water. There were/are days that I felt/feel like I will float away from all of the water!

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