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Positive urine test atfter being sterlized poss eptopic???? Really concerned
ikklezozo posted:
Hello All

I Was sterlized after my 5th Child during C Section in April 2009.. Past few week being after pregnancy symptoms.. Done a few tests had Faint lines.. And also had a couple of neg tests... My last proper period was on 22 june... My next period was a week early but not like a proper period it only lasted 2 days and was brown only tint amount red on the second day and spotting for few days later and abdom pain mildly on one side..... I went to my doctors yesterday as I read up about high risk of eptopic my doctor sent me to hospital to be checked over... they did a urine test which comfirmed i was pregnant but I am waiting for a a scan now on monday to see whats going on.... What are the symptoms of an eptopic pregnancy?? And would it be possible that the hospital urine test is False positive?

Any help would be appreciated? Thank you
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Its not likely a false positive. An ectopic pregnancy does not always have symptoms until your further along which can include pain because of the embryo growing in the tube. This is 2 weeks old. I am curious if you found out if it is a healthy pregnancy or if it was indeed ectopic. Best wishes.
ikklezozo replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
Thank you for your reply.. I had a miscarriage ... Was so excited and overjoyed to hear I was Pregnant on the friday at the hospital.. esp after I would love to have a Son/Daughter.. I never expected to be pregnant in the 1st place but nothing prepared me for a miscarriage xxxx

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