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over 45?
melaniesoden posted:
Hi I am 48 years old and 33 weeks pregnant. Feeling a bit lost as all the other mums-to-be are so much younger. This is baby Nº 5 and we are excited to welcome this new addition. x
heleneclare68 responded:
Enjoy the miracle! I am 43, and very unexpectedly pregnant. I am now 11 weeks and still am in a state of shock. I actually find this to be so funny, that I start giggling when I think about it. People that I have told about my "surprise" are rather impressed that I can get pregnant with not trying at my age. If my odds were 1-2% at age 43, think what your odds were. I say go play the lottery!

Just look at the stats. Women over 40 are the fastest growing age group for US-based OB practices. Women over 40 have the second highest rate of unintended pregnancy, just second narrowly to teenagers. I think that this is partly due to the fact that clinicians and the media have overplayed this hype that fertility declines at 35 and dries up at 40. I bought into this hype myself, and feverishly rushed to have a child at 35. At 40, I thought "it's over." Due to endo and previous fertility issues, I even stopped using any birth control about a year ago. The truth is that women over 40 are still fertile; it's just the odds of us getting pregnant are slim. But, it happens.

I have a daughter in 2nd grade, and the majority of parents are my age or older. There are a small minority of parents in their 20's. The norm is really 30's - 50's. This age trend was evident when was daughter was in day care as well. You're not alone, in fact, I believe that you are in the majority.
An_248382 replied to heleneclare68's response:
I'm 44 just took a test tonight - Positive! we have a 6 yer old and have been trying for that long for #2. Ive had 2 miscarriages but am hopeful. I have been called "Grandma" when out with my 6 yr old cant wait to hear what they say with this one. Ive not met an older mom like me yet, we live in Arizona, I wish I was in a more urban environment I think I would meet more educated older parents.

congratulations to you do you have any updates on how you are doing?
melaniesoden replied to An_248382's response:
Just to briefly update, Tobias Manuel arrived a month early by cesarean and weighed 2.5kg. He was just fine and needed no help with oxygen or the like. He is now 8 weeks old and has doubled his birthweight - I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in two weeks - lucky me!
I too, have been called grandma, especially when I am with my daughter who 21 but I ignore it. I am just too busy enjoying my latest addition to let anything spoil it. They really do grow up too fast.
The very best of luck to you with your pregnancy, although I am sure everything will be fine.

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