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Pregnant at 43!
oldermomie posted:
Well after 5 years of trying I'm 8weeks and 3 days pregnant. I'm just looking to see if there are any other Mommie's to be to talk to. Would be good to hear if we are having the same questions, thanks
An_246992 responded:
I'm over here! LOL. I am 43, and at 10 weeks. Found out 2 weeks ago. Not trying, thought I was infertile due to endometriosis, which I required surgery to remove at age 34 in order for me to get pregnant with my daughter, now 8. Surprise! Of course, I have gotten rid of every shred of baby equipment that I have ever owned. About 3 weeks ago, I started to wonder why I was feeling nauseated for weeks on end, why I hated the taste of wine, and why I was so incredibly tired all the time. I actually called my GI doctor (as I have a history of GI problems) and told the nurse that I had to be seen as I had this unending nausea and fatigue (cancer? diverticulitis?). The nurse actually asked me if I still had my period regularly and when I had my last one. Hmm. I started putting 2:2 together. I then took 2 home pregnancy tests in a row one evening, and called my OB/GYN office in the morning and asked them what a false positive on a home pregnancy test could mean. LOL. I then went in for a quantitative HCG test, and my result was 65K (they need 6K to see anything on the u/s). I was informed that I need to hightail it into my doc's office and my doc walked into the exam room shaking her head.

So, it's moving along. I still don't know quite what to make of this. Now, my quandry is about the Down's screening/genetics counseling at 10/11 weeks. I spoke with this office (after I called and told them that I could not make the meeting that they had scheduled me for), and I find it hard to parse the euphemisms. So, I called my OB/GYN office and spoke with a nnurse that I know. So, it's something like, do I want to know my odds of having a child with D/S or some other chromosomal abnormality? Reading online, it appears to be, for a woman of 43, about 1:20 (at 10 weeks) and 1:50 at birth, meaning that about half of the women that tested positive at 10 weeks had abortions, or miscarriage, or stillbirth, or there was a percentage that had no testing and ended up having a child with D/S that was factored into the final data tally. They are really pushing this hard on me, and I tend to be a data-driven individual with respect to these types of decisions, so I am trying to find some stats on the accuracy of this testing, and the percentage of false positives. I also work in healthcare, so I tend to be very skeptical of testing in general, unless it is backed by hard data. Remember the days when amniocentisis was mandatory over 35? I don't know. Abortion at 10 or 11 weeks is not a prospect for me. At 35, I only had a Level II U/S and that was fine with me. I think that I might go that same route. I prefer a test that is non-invasive. Any risk of miscarriage is not really attractive at this time. I am sorry, but getting pregnant without trying at age 43 is miraculous in and of itself,

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