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pregnant at 39
jayce posted:
My husband and i are pregnant with our third child (our youngest is 18 yrs). So its been a looooong time. Everything I've been reading says older mums have the same pregnancy as young mums. My question, has anyone experienced different symptoms that may be more age related. Bad stretching pains etc? I just don't seem to be relating to the younger pregs in our family & friends. I'm not sick just tired and after trying for 3 years of trying to be honest i haven't hit the excited moment yet. We are 10 wks and doing all our testing in two wks for downs etc. Maybe then i will feel excited? Really really wanted a large family my whole life, just don't understand the lack of "high". Any feel the same ?
mcarter91011 responded:
I am 40 and having my third...but it is my husband's and my first together. We kept this pregnancy quiet until 16 weeks. We had a miscarriage earlier this year, so we both had difficulty getting excited. With the added stress of the warnings about "advanced maternal age" I just wanted to go hide. So your feelings are perfectly normal. Here is the good news.....this has been my easiest pregnancy by far. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with the first two, but have not thrown up even once with this pregnancy. I can tell you that we both felt MUCH better after the first ultrasound. Now that our little girl is kicking up a storm I am downright giddy. Please just give yourself time. DOn't beat yourself up! You have been through a lot...but you are stronger and wiser than you were which will make you an even better mom.
jpishotti3 replied to mcarter91011's response:
Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I'm 41 and had my 3rd miscarriage in October 2012. I have 3 children from my previous marriage (21, 18 and 12) and this was the first for my husband. It's so weird because when I got pregnant, it seemed to have happened so easy but now that we are trying again, it's been challenging. I know that if it's meant to happen, it'll happen. I am due to have my period in 8 days and hope that I can test positive with a pregnancy test.
Mamihlapinatapai replied to mcarter91011's response:
I can understand about the excitement bit after a miscarriage. We're trying for our second. MC in January 2012. Got pregnant faces...MC in October 2012 at three months along. Will want to wait maybe until half way before announcing anything with try #3.
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