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    Stop smoking Gum
    WendynSWMO posted:
    I have been trying to quit smoking. Have cut way down. Can I chew the gum to help with the cravings? I know I need to quit. I am 35, will be 36 when I have the baby. Please help!!!
    PreggieAnd40 responded:
    Wendy: A friend of mine took Chantix while she was pregnant. The doctor said - - what is worse - - a few chemicals from the medication or the chemicals from the cigarette? So - - that is my opinion/advice. I will be honest - I cheated while I was pregnant with this one and my last one - so I know what you are going through to try to quit. I would not worry a bit about chewing the gum!

    GOOD LUCK!!!! Angie
    SLouie40 responded:
    If you truly desire to stop smoking, a friend of mine swears by hypnosis. She said her 5 year old came home from school and made a comment about her breath and it was all she needed to make the decision. She's smoke free now for over 40 years!
    WendynSWMO responded:
    Well my Family doctor said, she would rather I chew the gum, instead of smoke the cig!! I can only take about 3 drags, then It makes me sick! But then I get that craving, and just got to have one!! I would think the gum would have to be a lilttle better?
    WendynSWMO responded:
    I heard that cost alot, and you need a few sessions. If I had the $ I sure would give it a shot!!!
    LuV4Autumn responded:

    First, let me say I am not and never have been a smoker. I'm going to respond to you as a concerned fellow pregnant woman and tell you a few stories in hopes it helps give you the strength to quit during your pregnancy.

    My father started smoking when he was VERY young... I believe he was in elementary school. He quit when I was in HS and my Mom was going in for surgery for a hysterectomy due to a tumor the size of a 5 month fetus. They were both in their 40's. He promised her as she was entering the surgical area he'd stop and he did COLD TURKEY.

    He is now 72, on oxygen 24/7, has asthma, emphysema, barrett's esophagus and a fungus in his lung. Standing almost 6' (he's shrunk a bit with age) he only weighs about 135 pounds. He is on antibiotics more often than not trying to get his lung infection under control or to rid another bout of pneumonia. He is too frail for surgery to remove the fungus... which could turn to cancer at any time. He was misdiagnosed originally and it took 2 years for a proper diagnosis which didn't help. had they caught the fungus instead of insisting it was cancer and completing biopsy after biopsy instead... he wouldn't be in this position. Regardless... he's very ill and it's all due to smoking for at least 30 years.

    One of my sister's has asthma. She is the mother of 5. Both of her sons were born with lung problems and she found out after they were born their father smoked heavily (sneaking it) during those years she conceived. Josh had pneumonia a LOT as a baby and both he and Jake have asthma. NONE of her girls have any lung problems and ironically, their father wasn't smoking during their conceptions.

    My DBF's Mom passed away about 4 years ago (prior to my meeting him). She was also a heavy smoker, and died of heart disease which was attributed to her smoking. My daughter will never meet her Paternal Grandmother and with my father's health, he can't even be here for her birth.

    I have many more stories on the effects of smoking and what it can do to your LO. It is SO important for you to quit. My best recommendation for you is to contact your local government agency in helping you quit. I believe each community has a program for this. You should also speak to your Dr. There is a laser treatment I've heard and seen can be VERY successful. A friend of mine utilized the laser program several years ago and hasn't had a cigarette since. He smoked for about 25 years.

    Please don't take this as my being harsh... I'm just being honest. It's so sad to see my father so sick. He was just in the hospital last weekend again. I freak out every time the phone rings and it's a family member because I never know when it's going to be bad news about him.

    I wish you the best with this. I know it's hard, but PLEASE think of your baby and do everything you can to quit. Chewing the gum while still smoking is NOT a good idea as you're just adding to the nicotine intake.

    Sending you {{{healthy baby}}} {{{be strong}}} {{{quit quick}}} vibes.

    and my apologies for having SO much to say. I even kept it short.... !
    WendynSWMO responded:
    I finaly found the answer to my ? !!! I found a video on stoping smoking on here!! Now I feel so much better about using the gum to quit!!!!
    jlbragg8 responded:
    The gum and patch are both safe. I had great luck with the patch when I quit SEVEN years ago. WAHOO. Can't believe it has been so long.

    My DH still chews the gum when he's stressed.

    Good luck. You can do it. If he helps, tell yourself that you can have one after the baby is born.

    pinke71 responded:
    The gum has to be better than smoking. Double check with your OB as I'm sure they've had this question before and they might tell you just the opposite. Mine told me to do the best I could to quit on my own (I smoke about 10 a day) but I didn't push the issue because I thought I could do it on my own. I felt like it was more important for me to quit now that I was pg (lost that baby - could it be because I smoked?) I would use the least as possible, have straws to chew on, suckers and maybe even regular gum - anything to get your mind off them. A pharmacist once told me that nicotine is more addictive than heroin and it would be the hardest thing I even did. I had a nurse tell one of my girl friends that if it's to stressful that it's better on the baby that you have one or two then to put all that stress on them too (if you're going thru it they are too). And she was talking to her daughter so I think she had both Mom and Baby's best interest in mind. I quit once on my own and started back up after a motorcycle accident had my nerves on edge. Good luck and remember you're doing it for the baby, I think that just might be all the help you need.
    Pinky0601 responded:
    Hi, Wendy,

    Congratulations! On taking the first step and initiating to know various ways to quit smoking...
    I will tell you of how i quit smoking...I was a smoker for almost 3 years and I suffered from many health issues.
    Patches and nasal sprays is what I tried to quit cigarettes, But it was not working for me at all.
    Then Finally, I consulted my doctor and he recommended me to use Nicorette Gum and Nicorette's 12 Week Nicotine Replacement Therapy...
    I thought about it for a week and I decided to take up the 12 Week Nicotine Replacement Therapy and hence I started using it...
    But the initial week was very difficult for me...because of the craving, but then since i followed the therapy for the next 12 Weeks it so happened that today I am smoke can stop having gums, what you can do is reduce the no. of gums that you have daily and then completely stop.
    Actually you visit for more assistance

    Pinky[br> [br>
    Pinky0601 responded:

    Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. Stop smoking aids are among the effective techniques that one can use to crush their nicotine addiction. However, as they say, what works for some may not work for everyone. One of the best products that I have ever come across to quit smoking is Nicorette Gum and I believe in that product because today with the help of that I have quit smoking and from past six months I have not got a single craving...
    Thanks and Cheers to Nicorette and its Quit smoking Products.


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