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I am 38 and 11 weeks pregnant by my 59 year old new husband
maxswife3814 posted:
We are very excited to have been blessed with this pregnancy, I have 3 other children 21, 19, and 7. He has a daughter that is 31, and a 5 year old grand daughter. I have had 3 (failed) cervical neck fusion surgeries with the latest one being last June, Every vertebrae in my neck except for the very top two have been hollowed out and filled with the putty man made bone materiel and then metal plates and screws where affixed to the front of them, Then I was flipped over and the surgeon operated on the back of my neck placing 2 titanium rods from the top of my c- spine down to the t- spine, Problem is that the so called " Fusion" never took place, And I have permanent nerve damage down both arms from the last surgery along with a lot of almost unbearable pain ( I pulled my self off of ALL medications the day I did my home test, Including Percocet even though my Neurologist said that Percocet would be fine to use during pregnancy, Thank God I know better) This same Neurologist is also trying to convince me that a "Nerve Conduction Study" on my arms and legs, And a "M.R.I" Are "OK" during pregnancy. This D.r. back in Oct when I first started seeing him told me that I would not be a surgical candidate to repair the previous surgeons mess ups because of all my failed surgeries unless it was "life or death". Then why is he Insisting I still have all these test while I am already a high risk pregnancy? Even if someone would operate or give some "miracle drug" safe for relieving pain during pregnancy I would under no way consider either... Thanks in advance for any input on this..

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