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Ladynw810 posted:
I went for my HSG today and thankfully my tubes are not blocked so I can proceed to the next steps. But, has anyone else who has had this procedure had any problems after? I was told that there would be menstrual-like cramps during the procedure which I didn't have and I was fine afterwards. But now, 7 hours later, I'm cramping like crazy.

Am I the only one experiencing these cramps?
LLnMS responded:
I had a HSG back in March I think...and I think I remember pretty much feeling crappy and a little sick for the rest of the day and that night, but I don't recall it continuing past the day of the HSG.

HTH and hope you feel better soon!!!
4maddison responded:
Hi there. I got pregnant on my HSG cycle, the dr. said my tubes were completely clear and open, his exact words were they were "beautiful". I had menstrual like cramps during the procedure, but as soon as they finished they were gone. I also had to use a pad for a day and a half after the procedure to catch the excess dye and spotting.

And I forget now exactly what I felt, but I remember I felt mild cramping on and off from a few days afer the HSG to about 2-3 days before my period was due. At the time, I figured it was just a side effect from the HSG, but now Im thinking it was from implantation.

Well Good Luck! I hope the HSG works for you. if you have any more questions feel free to ask me
absski19 responded:
I had my HSG in September and I had cramping as well. I cramped the whole day and it lessened the next day. It should get better if it hasn't already. Good Luck!
siepmanm1 responded:
had some crampng afterwards but the worst part was the actual HSG. Mine was VERY painful and I'm not usually too sensitive to pain. I even had a shot of toradol beforehand. Glad to hear yours wasn't uncomfortable. The cramps are normal, they should subside. Good luck!
An_252141 responded:
To add one more data point to the discussion The place where I did the HSG had instructs everyone to take 4 Advil/ibuprofen (i.e. 800 mg) prior to the procedure. The tubes were not blocked, and I had barely any cramps during or right after the procedure, so I also figured everything was fine, but once the drugs wore off (4 hours after I took them), HOLY CRAMPS Batman! Although I took additional Advil as soon as I was able (about half an hour after starting to feel the effects), I was quite sore the next day. So the moral may be -- make sure to take a full dose of Advil an hour before the procedure, and at least once (possibly twice) every 4 hours thereafter.

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