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Past Due Babies
AprilCB posted:
Ok you ladies on labor watch, all of you are past due now. Where are your babies?!
Cherie EDD 11/1/11 It's a BOY!
rosecam responded:
The where is easy: in my tummy. The why on the other hand... I think he's just too cozy in there!
beachmommy5406 replied to rosecam's response:

I'd love to know if they've done research on baby's gender and arrival. My son was 9 days late (but he was also my first) and our newest came 2-3 days early (depending on which due date I use....I had 2).

Hang in there Rose (and anyone else past due). It stinks to be pregnant any longer than necessary in this nasty summer heat. I'll be lurking for your birth stories!
Maura (31) DH (32) Parents to one amazing 4 1/2 year old son and got our BFP on 10/10/10 (hpt) after our 2nd IVF cycle. U/S showed one healthy baby due on Father's Day. We're on the surprise team!
AprilCB replied to beachmommy5406's response:
Maura, I don't think it's gender related. The Doula's I spoke to said their IVF clients notoriously deliver late. Also that after the 1st, any other's generally come sooner.

I did however just speak to one of the references for the Doula we hired, and she's currently PG with her 6th and ALL of her L&D's have been difficult. So... I don't know that there's any correlation to anything.
Cherie EDD 11/1/11 It's a BOY!
AprilCB replied to rosecam's response:
Rose, maybe you should give him an eviction notice. Hoping your LO comes soon and for an easy L&D for you.

I hope we're not hearing from AmyLouB and mommyin2011 because they're both busy with newborns at this point.
Cherie EDD 11/1/11 It's a BOY!

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