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Birth Story
rosecam posted:
As you probably guessed - the baby finally came. He didn't stay in there for 2 extra weeks, just 4 days past the due date.

Short version: My water broke Saturday night, so we went in to the hospital and they induced me (ick - Pitocin). Our little baby was born Sunday night, 7lb 4 oz and 20 inches long. He peed on the doctor as he came out. I was so happy I was just giggling. I could hardly believe our little baby had arrived.

Long version: Saturday night my water broke, but it was basically 3 drops every 10 minutes or so - it barely felt like anything. So it took me an hour to figure out what might be going on. Then I woke up DH and told him and he immediately called the doctor on call and the doctor told us to go to the hospital. We went in, and even there it took them over an hour to figure out that my water had actually broken! Anyway, once they figured it out they monitored my contractions for a couple hours, and when they weren't getting much closer together or much stronger, they started the Pitocin, with ever-increasing dosages. The pitocin made my contractions a lot more intense, but not closer together, so they kept having to increase the dose. They switched nurses on me, and I had an awful one by the time my contractions were getting really intense. I finally got to the point where I needed the epidural but the nurse messed up and didn't tell anyone or open my IV drip to get fluids into me! So when the new nurse came in she asked me if I wanted an epidural and I gasped out an emphatic "Yes!" Anyway, by the time they got it in me and checked me, I was past 8cm dilated! After that I was *so* happy and relaxed. I felt better than I had through the last 5 months of pregnancy! There was one scare during the pushing - probably the worst few minutes of my life so far - but we made it through and after that everything went fine. I could hardly believe it when they laid our baby on me to clean him off. I was so giddy I was giggling.

And that's our birth story.

I will probably lurk from time to time, but since I won't post as much: My best wishes to all of you, and thank you so much for your support though everything.
Rose (31) DH (32). TTC for over 2 years, 4 fresh IVFs plus 2 FETs.  BFP 11/26/10. EDD 8/3/11.
beachmommy5406 responded:
(lurking) Rose, I've been checking for your birth story! Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. Best wishes to you all!
Maura (31) DH (32) Parents to one amazing 4 1/2 year old son and got our BFP on 10/10/10 (hpt) after our 2nd IVF cycle. U/S showed one healthy baby due on Father's Day. We're on the surprise team!
Kris_07 responded:
Congratulations Rose!! I'm glad everything turned out well
Kristy(26) DH(30) DD(2) IVF1 1/08 BFP, FET1 1/11 BFP, Beta1 1/28-192, Beta2 1/31-793!!! Heard the heartbeat-119bpm at 6w1d. Macy is due 10/8/11
sarahw00621 responded:
yay Rose! I've been lurking for your birth story So what's his name?!? Congrats, and enjoy your miracle baby!!
KOOPERSMOM replied to sarahw00621's response:
Congrats Rose. Sounds like everything went fairly smoothly! Hope you are enjoying your little bundle of joy!!
Sarah(36) DH(36) IVF/ICSI 1 DS Kooper(3), IVF/ICSI 2 m/c at 9.5 weeks, IVF/ICSI 3 BFN, FET of 1 hatching blast EDD 11-20-11. Yellow team!
Maria0321 responded:
Congratulations Rose!! Hope you are enjoying every minute.
Maria(36),DH(36),DS(4) Awaiting baby 2. It's a boy!! EDD 11/22/11.
no1phillygirl responded:

I'm so glad that you are finally enjoying that long awaited baby you so deserve.

Take care!!!
Marla(41) DH(31) 10/08 BFP m/c 11/08 saw RE(stage 2 endo) ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 6 wks ivf2 2/10 BFP d
Sherri1976 responded:
Congrats Rose! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your new bundle of joy.
Sherri (34), DH (43) TTC 2006-2008 MFIF and endo, Chose adoption after IF treatments - Alexa was born 4-15-09. Surprise BFP! EDD 9-26-11 Pink team!
AprilCB responded:
So happy for you! Congrats and enjoy your new little bundle.
Cherie EDD 11/1/11 It's a BOY!

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