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Leg cramps
rooni134 posted:
has anyone else had leg cramps? starting the 2nd trimester, i wake up in the middle of the night to these very painful and intense cramps in my calves. the pain goes away after 30 seconds or so, but it leaves my legs sore. last night was really terrible. it was excruciatingly painful. afterwards my left leg was numb for hours. i called my doc's office and they had me come in for a check up. they say its normal but still wanted to rule out a blood clot. my leg or feet weren't swollen but just to be safe they are going to do a leg Doppler on me to check for blood clots.

just wanted to see if there was anyone else who was experiencing the same?
beckyatmoms responded:
Mine aren't nearly as bad as yours but they are starting. I have to be careful how I stretch when I'm in bed or I get a terrible cramp. I have read that this is normal but I'm glad they are going to check yours out a little further, they sound pretty bad.
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ninjarbaby responded:
Hi Rooni. Yes omg I wake up to leg cramps. not as much as i did during the second tri but there was one morning when I woke up right into a leg cramp and right when it was gone another started. So it was back to back excruciating pain. I also remember another time waking up to a leg cramp on my right leg and then when that was over I had one on my left. I swear I have a lot of potassium but then again, you forget how much nutrients baby is taking from you. It'll get better! keep taking those prenatal vitamins and bananas!
Jane(30), DH(30), DSD(12) - TTC 1 since 2008 after m/c in Feb 2008 - Stopped actively TTC'ing in mid 2009 after unexplained IF. Surprise BFP 8/31/11! EDD 5/4/2012 Blue Team!
codysu responded:
Sorry about the leg cramps. I haven't experienced this, but it doesn't sound very pleasant. I hope you don't have any blood clots when they do the doppler. Have they checked you yet?
Cody 38, DH 45 - IVF 1-m/c @ 6wk, IVF 2 BFP 11-11-11! EDD 7-26-12 PINK Team!!
rooni134 replied to ninjarbaby's response:
thats sounds about right! i woke up a few days ago to both legs in cramps. the left leg was particularly bad. i had another one last night. i havent gotten the results of the leg doppler yet but i figured if it was bad news they would let me know right away. i've been taking the vitamins and eating bananas as well. when i get a really bad leg cramps, my leg feels numb for hours and its sore for days after.
rooni134 replied to codysu's response:
I am glad you dont have them. they are not fun, but i missed out on morning sickness so maybe this is my body's way of making up

i have not yet gotten the results, but i had the scan on friday and they havent said anything to me so i am hoping all is well.
beckyatmoms replied to rooni134's response:
I know what you mean. I had one last week and my calf hurt for about 5 days. It was torture walking up stairs!
Becky (35) DH (31) DS (12) DSD (5) MFIF TTC 3 1/2 years
IVF 1 (2/10) BFN
IVF 2 (3/11) BFN
IVF 3 (12/11) BFP....TWINS....EDD 8/23/12...PINK TEAM!

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