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The dreaded GD test
rooni134 posted:
Hi ladies,

my 1 hr glucose test is on monday. ugh...hopefully it goes well. i asked my doc about diet and she said to eat like i normally do because if i change anything, then it'll skew results. so at first i was gonna watch what i eat this weekend, but now i am just going to eat like i normally do. kind of makes sense. if i watch what i eat and pass the test and then go back to eating like i normally do, then i might have it and not even know it, and thats bad for the baby.

wish me luck!

btw, for those who have had it, is that drink they give you really nasty? i've heard horror stories that its really grossly sweet and can cause nausea, vomiting and bad headaches.

FrenchBulldogMom responded:
My 2nd GD test is Monday too!!!

I have to take 2 GD tests. The first one was at like 15ish weeks and I passed (barely). The day before, I ate whatever, but I didn't eat after midnight. The morning of the test, I didn't drink anything but water, because I've heard that some people eat carbs for breakfast and end up failing the 1 hour, only to pass the 3 hour one, where you have to fast anyway.

My OB's office gave me a handout of what to eat the day before. It's pretty much a balanced diet, with no sugary drinks. I will be drinking a few sodas on Sunday, though. As far as the sweet drinks, some offices give you a choice between fruit punch and orange. I chose the orange and it didn't taste bad at all. I did almost throw up, but I've been throwing up for months every morning, so I don't think it was the drink that caused the nausea.

I hope that we both pass on Monday- Good Luck!!!

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