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GD test #2
FrenchBulldogMom posted:
Well, I failed the 1 hour this time... I have to go on a special diet from Friday-Sunday and then do the 3 hour test on Monday. My blood sugar was 150 and it had to be 135 or less for me to pass.
rooni134 responded:
Hey, sorry to hear that, but i've read lots of women fail only to go onto pass the 3 hour test. my own experience wasnt good at all. i was hoping to get the results right away, but they told it would take 2 days. an hour and a half after i drank that stuff, i got really lightheaded, dizzy, sweaty and was pretty sure i was going to pass out. after a few minutes i settled down, but it was absolutely horrible. i hadnt eaten anything from 7pm yesterday and didnt get to eat til i got back to work. i was just about to eat when it happened. my doc's office said that it was pretty normal reaction, but i am sure it means that i have GD so i am pretty bummed. i hope all goes well with your second test.
rooni134 responded:
well i am in the same boat as you now. failed my 1 hour and have to go for a 3 hr test on monday. i am so bummed....

nurse was really reassuring and i hope that all goes well.

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