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1st REAL OB appt. today.
gjbsgirl5705 posted:
I had the 1st OB appt. today where they do bloodwork/ask billions of questions/do an internal exam... you know... fun stuff. She listened for baby's heartbeat and said since I'm only about 10 1/2 weeks we might not hear it but, she found it and it was beautiful!! that sound NEVER gets old
We talked about my dermoid cyst - i guess it's fairly large... think she said 8 cm. So, I have to have it checked by u/s in 2 weeks to see if it's grown any and if so then we'll talk about removing it which is usually done betweet 14-16 weeks of pregnancy. so... as of now i'm just praying it doesn't grown because I really don't want to have surgery while I'm pregnant.
me(Amy) - 30 dh - 29
IVF/ICSI -1 Caleb born 4/18/08
IVF/ICSI -2 Carter born 4/29/11
Surprise BFP!! - due 10/26/12
rooni134 responded:
pray that all goes well and that cyst goes down.

you're in good hands and i am sure they will take care of you!

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