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Dying to see my LO again
Lopersgrl posted:
It is so rough not getting to see my LO. I wish my doc would do an U/S at every appt. I can not stand being not being able to see him/her. It is driving me crazy. I have an appt with my doc next tuesday and I will be 13w4d at the appt. I was sooooo hoping that they would do a U/S at my appt. I have definitely got to buy me a doppler so I can atleast listen to my baby. Somtimes I dont even feel pregnant... Ugh I just want to see the baby....
Me(23) DH (24) TTC 5 years w/1 M/C after 2 years. 3 rounds of clomid and a BFP on my own on 2/2/12. Due in October.
gjbsgirl5705 responded:
I hear ya! i love to see baby but, unfortunately most ob's only do 2 of them unless there are other issues. I have a doppler and I love it!! I use it every other day and LOVE hearing that sweet sound
me(Amy) - 30 dh - 29
IVF/ICSI -1 Caleb born 4/18/08
IVF/ICSI -2 Carter born 4/29/11
Surprise BFP!! - due 10/26/12
rooni134 responded:
I hear ya! i was a mess until i could feel her everyday which wasn't until i hit week 20 or so. my doctor told me not to, but if your doctor doesn't mind, then you should definitely get a Doppler. i would have definitely gotten one, but my doctor didn't want me to because they said i wouldn't know what to look for and would just panic. still i bought a fetal stethoscope which i got yesterday. BIG WASTE OF MONEY. i couldn't even hear my own heart beat!! good thing it was only 12 dollars, i should have known it was too good to be true. it'll go by fast, and when you get to the anatomy scan it'll be worth the wait!

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