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Venting!! Super frustrated!!
Jessi10909 posted:
Well since Friday (12 hours at the hospital, 4cm dilated, 70% effaced) everyone I know has been permanently on their toes ready to jump into action as soon as my water (eventually) breaks. More frustrating than the waiting is my doctor's unwillingness to even talk about induction rather than just waiting for something to happen and then rushing to the hospital because I'm already walking around almost halfway to showtime. I swear if one more person tells me that DS "just isn't ready yet" my head will explode. 4cm, 70% implies the exact opposite.

I saw doc yesterday and he literally checked the heartbeat with the dopplar, measured my belly (still running "big"), and said see you next week. After some prodding from DH and I he finally said that he doesn't want to induce before 39 weeks. This frustrates me for 2 reasons. First the office is going by my original due date of 4/25 while ultrasounds have shown a perfectly developmentally normal baby due 4/15, so by the ultrasound date I am 38 weeks, by docs count about 36. Second, doc has already expressed concern that the baby will be "so big" that he will want to take him via c-section and not even attempt labor and delivery.

As if waiting for something definitive to happen isn't stressful enough (since the "hurry up" stakes are so high considering dilation and effacement per Friday evening - yep, doc didn't even check yesterday), now I'm worried that doc is going to let me go so far that he will force me into a c-section because I'll be 41 weeks via the method that can actually see how the baby is developing and measuring rather than when I got my last period!!

To top it all off I am having contractions what seems like all the time and though they are uncomfortable, they aren't painful enough to warrant a hospital trip. Last night I timed my "uncomfortable" contractions for over an hour and a half and they were steadily 2-3 minutes apart and then disappeared. I had very painful contractions throughout the day at work today, but they were all at least an hour apart.

I am just so frustrated!! Thanks for reading my rant, any comments are greatly appreciated You ladies are the best!!

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