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3 hr test
rooni134 posted:
well i failed fasting glucose level was 97, they were looking for 95 and below and my 1 hr level was a little high as well. the rest of the numbers were well within the limit, but they were only concerned about the first two numbers. i guess its not too bad. i have to go to a class and learn what and when to eat and check my sugar levels 4 times a day. im pretty depressed about it. i know its common and as long as i maintain my sugar everything will be ok...but i cant help but feel like i did this to my baby... i have to talk to my doctor to see how they will monitor me. it just birthday is on friday and i have two baby showers coming up, and i wont be having cake...but i guess things could be worse....
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
I'm sorry! I'm glad that they're going to let you monitor your sugar instead of just prescribing something. I don't know if you've ever checked your sugar before, but my aunt told me that if you prick your finger with the lancet on the side of your finger instead of the tip, it won't hurt as much.

You did NOT do this to your baby. Gestational diabetes just sucks!
deliela999 responded:
I'm sorry! I think you'll be surprised that it's not as bad as it seems. For my sister's shower I asked her for a list of foods she could have unlimited and anytime. I bought all the stuff on the list like nuts, cheese cubes, and veggies. She found a specific ice cream bar that was just the right about of carbs for her evening snack and ate one before bed almost every night. Sugar isn't totally off limits, but it has to be in certain amounts at certain times. You can do this!
rooni134 responded:
Hi ladies, the more i think about it. the more mad i get about how this whole thing was handled. they didnt call me all day yesterday and finally i got a hold of a medical assistant who didnt know anything about what she was telling me. my second number was high, and my fasting was off by 2 points, BUT my 2 and 3 hr numbers were pretty good. they needed 155 at 2 hrs and mine was 126 and they needed 140 at 3 hrs and again mine was 120 something. based on my research if two numbers out of the four are high then you are diagnosed with GD. If that is the case, if my fasting was 95 (fasting needs to be 95 and below), would i not be diagnosed? or are they labeling me gestational diabetic because i was off by 2 points? i guess i just need to know if its black or white or are there shades of gray. If so, how bad is my case? is there no difference between me and someone who has all abnormal numbers? most importantly, what do my numbers mean for my baby? if all my numbers were high, i would understand. but considering i was given 100g of sugar in one sitting, doesnt it count for anything that my body cleared that in 2 hrs? or the fact that i never have that much sugar in one meal? my sugar is high based on the fact that i was put under extreme sugar stress, but what about stuff that i normally eat that has maybe 1/5 the amount they gave me. i am upset because i want to know what it means for my baby. are they telling me that all of a sudden my healthy baby will potentially have problems because i was off by 2 points?

sorry ladies, i am just venting. i have an appt with the doctor on monday so i'll ask my questions then, but i really feel like they should have handled this better. would they have even called me if i hadnt called them? i dont know...they should know that the stress of worrying about this whole situation is probably worse than having GD, so why put someone through all that.

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