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Update on GD
rooni134 posted:
Hi ladies,

Just wanted to give you ladies an update. i had my GD class yesterday where i was given a glucose monitor along with instructions of what to eat. Surprisingly it is not the sugars but the carbs they want you to watch. They gave me how many servings of carbs i can have with each meal. So far i am doing pretty well. I figured out that in the mornings i am the most insulin resistant so i have to cut back on carbs in the mornings. Today is the first full day of testing different foods to see how i do. Tomorrow is going to be tough though because i am having my baby shower and im afraid of the cake. can you believe it? this whole thing is got me so stressed that instead of being excited for the shower i am thinking of how much cake i can have and still be within limits... Kind of sad. Normally i wouldnt even have cake, but my husband's aunt is especially making it for me...
The good thing is that the glucose meter doesnt hurt at all. hopefully once i get my diet down it'll be much easier.
Hope all is well with everyone and no one else is diagnosed with this.

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