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acusano3 posted:
Back in September 2011 we decided to try to conceive and immediately went off BC. January and February came and went with no AF. I took at least 100 PT that all came back negative. I went to my obgyn right away and he put me on Provera. I guess I am just wondering if anyone has conceived while using Provera? I'm getting conflicting answers on taking it while pregnant and not knowing. Can anyone help??
rooni134 responded:

Provera is a synthetic form of progesterone. For women who dont ovulate on their own and therefore do not shed their uterine lining, it is used to stimulate what i like to call a "fake period". It builds up the lining and then sheds it. This is done to protect the uterus from damaging because if the lining keeps building up and does not shed, it can cause problems to the uterus. Provera does not stimulate egg growth which means that it does not lead to ovulation but it does not prevent it either.
So what all this means is that, if you were to ovulate on your own, provera wouldnt stop it, but if you dont ovulate on your provera wouldnt do anything to get you to ovulate. I was told that sometimes if you keep taking provera your ovaries might kick back into gear and grow an egg, but the chances of that happening are very very slim. Usually, Provera is accompanied by ovulation drugs such as clomid. Clomid tells your brain to release FSH which in turn tell your ovaries to grow eggs and ovulate them. If clomid is successful, you would get a period on your own and will not have to take provera, but if not, then you would have to take provera again. If you were to take a combination of clomid and provera, your doctors would monitor you closely and you would know if you were pregnant therefore you would know not to take provera. But conceiving on just provera (if you are chronically annovulatory) is not very likely.

If your goal is to get pregnant, your doctor should run tests on your to determine what the underlying cause of you not ovulating is. For example, i didnt ovulate because i have PCOS. were you regular before you went on BC? Sometimes it can take upto 6 months for normal cycles to resume. If i were you, i'd ask your doctor to start running tests as soon as possible so you have an answer.

Good luck, i pray that everything turns out ok for you.


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