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Remember me? Newly pg
westsidebee posted:
Hi everyone,

I was on the TTC 6+ and 12+ boards in 2008 and 2009, and left after my first IVF failed in Dec 2009. I am now coming back to join PAIF, after 4 years of TTC, including 4 failed IVF's (one ending in m/c), and one failed FET. Now 8w pregnant after dIUI, due 12/23/12.

It's hard to get excited yet since it's so early, and things have gone so wrong for us every time before. After 4 years trying, is it really going to work out for us? I can't let myself believe it yet. Still bracing for the letdown.

I have an u/s on Monday and hopefully all is well. At our last u/s we had a nice strong heartbeat.

Congrats to everyone else here and hopefully you can all help talk me through this!

-me(31), DH (31) TTC 4 years.
beckyatmoms responded:
Welcome and congratulations! I feel your pain...we tried for 3 1/2 years and only after 3 IVF's are we expecting. I love hearing other success stories
Becky (35) DH (31) DS (12) DSD (5) MFIF TTC 3 1/2 years
IVF 1 (2/10) BFN
IVF 2 (3/11) BFN
IVF 3 (12/11) BFP....TWINS....EDD 8/23/12...PINK TEAM!
KL0124 responded:
Congratulations! You have had a journey to get here. I just joined this board too. Looking forward to spending the next several months together.
melikib responded:
Hi and welcome! It took us 4 years also and after 3 iui's, 3 ivf's, and 3 fets we are finally expecting our miracle next month. I spent the entire first trimester waiting for something bad to happen. I couldn't believe it was finally our time. I understand how you feel completely but once you get into your second trimester you will be able to relax a little bit. Seeing a strong heartbeat is a huge hurdle! Keep us posted after your appt on Monday!
Mindi(38), DH(35), 3 IUIs with injects bfn, 1st IVF bfn, 2 FETs bfn, 2nd IVF ectopic, 3rd IVF Jan/Feb '11 BFP!! MC March 'll. FET BFP Oct '11! Due July 5, 2012!!
nordygirl33 responded:
welcome and congrats to you:) I am so happy to hear your last appointment went well. Wishing you all the best and hope your feeling good

FrenchBulldogMom responded:
Can't wait to hear how your u/s went today.

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