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The list 5/20/12
rooni134 posted:
Hi Ladies,

Note: I am now 35 weeks. The doctor today talked about possible induction because they found a little resistance in the blood flow to the cord. It is insignificant at this point, but I have to be monitored biweekly now. I will continue to do this list as long as I can, but I think we can start thinking about someone else possibly taking over. If there are any volunteers, please let me know. The list is pretty east to doJ.

Here are the updates for the week of 5/20/2012. If anything needs to be corrected, please let me know!

If you'd like to be added to next week's list, just respond to the post and I'll get you on here next week! Please respond with your due date and how far along you are and if you know if you're on the blue or pink team or if you want a surprise! ***Yellow means you want a surprise and green means you are going to find out.***

Additions and Updates:

********Welcome Lopersgrl to the BLUE Team!!!!!********
********Welcome KL0124 to the twins team!!!!******
********Welcome nordygirl33 — Nicole to labor watch!!!!******
********Welcome Lindsycd- Lindsy to the 2nd Trimester!!!!!******
********Welcome Jon3brn to the 2nd Trimester!!!!!******

If you have any upcoming appt.'s you'd like added to the important dates section, I can add them.

***IMPORTANT DATES! (OB and Peri appts, U/S's etc)***
Rooni134- weekly appointments
Mosleyd36- ultrasound this week to check for placental placement.
nicram8683 — Nicole —5/22 OB appt
FrenchBulldogMom — 5/21 OB appt, 5/25 High risk OB appt
livelaughmoe- Cassy- 5/23 1st Ultra sound.
nordygirl33 — Nicole- C-section booked for 5/25

***LABOR WATCH!! (37 weeks and/or Special Cases)***
Manda0814 - Manda — 40w4d - EDD 5/17/12 - Twins Green Team
nordygirl33 - Nicole — 37w5d - EDD 6/8/12 - Twins Pink & Blue Team

***THIRD TRIMESTER (27w until Labor Watch)***
canwedothis - Amanda - 35w6d - EDD 6/21/12 - Twins Pink & Blue Team
rooni134 - Rooni - 35w3d - EDD 6/22/12 - Pink Team
nicram8683 - Nicole - 35w - EDD 6/25/12 - Blue Team
melikib - Mindi - 33w4d - EDD 7/5/12 - Blue Team
leji1 - Ellie — 32w6d - EDD 7/10/12 - Twins Pink Team
FrenchBulldogMom - Mary - 31w5d - EDD 7/18/12 - Twins Pink & Blue Team
BabyParks - Courtney - 30w - EDD 7/24/12 - BLUE Team
codysu - Cody - 30w4d - EDD 7/26/12 - PINK Team
robynbyrd - Robyn - 29w1d - EDD 8/5/12 - Blue Team

***SECOND TRIMESTER (13w2d to 27w)***
beckyatmoms - 26w4d - EDD 8/24/12 - Twins Pink Team
mosley36 - Danielle - 25w3d - EDD 9/1/12 - BLUE Team
BridgetBurke - Bridget - 22w - EDD 9/25/12 - PINK Team
Lopersgrl - 19w3d - EDD 10/6/12 - Blue Team
Gjbsgirl5705 (Amy) — 17w2d — EDD 10/27/12 — Green Team
Lindsycd- Lindsy — 13w3d — EDD 11/25/12 — Green team
Jon3brn- 13w2d- EDD 11/25/12 — Green team

***FIRST TRIMESTER (Conception to 13w2d)***
Deliela999 — Erin — 10w5d - EDD 12/10/12 — Green Team
Westsidebee — 9w3d- EDD 12/23/12- Green Team
Livelaughmore — 7w — EDD 1/9/2013 — Green Team
KL0124- Kris — 6w3d — EDD 1/11/13 — Twins Green Team

gjbsgirl5705 responded:
add me to the pink team!
me(Amy) - 30 dh - 29
IVF/ICSI -1 Caleb born 4/18/08
IVF/ICSI -2 Carter born 4/29/11
Surprise BFP!! - due 10/26/12
KL0124 responded:
I have an u/s 5/30 and then my first OB appt 6/5.
no1phillygirl responded:

Wow Rooni I can't believe that you are almost ready to have the baby. It seems not so long ago that you took over the list. Thanks again for all of your updates. It is so nice to see the list growing and everyone moving up.

Congrats to gibsgirl on a girl

Kerri I wish you all the best. I believe I have seen you on the boards before I just don't recall which one
Marla(43) DH(33) BFP 10/08 m/c 11/08
ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 6 wks
ivf2 2/10 BFP trisomy d
KL0124 replied to no1phillygirl's response:
Marla, That's for the well wishes. We were on the IF treatment group together around when you got your BFP.
livelaughmoe responded:
I have a 2nd u/s on 5/31 to check the heartbeat again, hoping its risen from this week. I'm measuring a week behind, with a slow heart rate (54 at 7 weeks).
Unexplained infertility
TTC for 3 years
Due January 9th, 2013
no1phillygirl replied to KL0124's response:
I thought so. My memory has gotten so bad these last couple of years. I will continue to lurk for your updates.
Marla(43) DH(33) BFP 10/08 m/c 11/08
ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 6 wks
ivf2 2/10 BFP trisomy d

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