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Please don't blame it on the hormones...
FrenchBulldogMom posted:
I've been feeling pretty crappy since I've been on medical leave from work for the past 3 weeks. I haven't really said much about feeling sad to anyone because I don't like them assuming "it's the hormones"!

Yesterday, my dog found 2 baby birds that had fallen out of their nest. I totally lost it. I cannot stand it when animals are in pain/danger. The worst part about it was that no one seemed to care and looked at me like I was just being an unreasonable pregnant woman. I called my husband at work, crying, to ask him if we had a ladder. It was my mission to return those baby birds to their nest. He got our friends to come by and they saved them. I was very grateful that he didn't treat me like I was being unreasonable.

Today I've been crying, also. I'm having a hard time sleeping. When I try to sleep in my bed, I feel like I'm smothering. I can get maybe 4-5 hours a night in my recliner. I'm also feeling pretty uncomfortable with this growing baby bump. My ankles keep swelling, also.

I was reading in Rooni's post how people like to make comments like:
1) you better sleep now because when the babies come, you won't sleep for 18 years
2) Make time for your husband because after the babies come, you won't have any more alone time- EVER
These comments make me soooo mad. Why can't people be supportive? These comments are so negative and they make it sound like parenthood is the end of your life and that my house is going to be transformed into a circus/disaster area for 18 years.

I went to the high-risk OB today and they measured my babies.
Baby Girl is 3 lbs 7 oz and Baby Boy is 4 lbs 5 oz at 32w 2d.
I can't wait to have them. The waiting is probably what's causing my emotional breakdowns. It's been 3 years since we started TTC and I'm just ready for them to be here.

On a brighter note, my high-risk OB noticed that I had cut my hair. There are three doctors at that practice and they have treated me like I'm their only patient. Even my husband doesn't notice when I cut my hair!!! It really made me feel like my babies are in good hands.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. I think I'm going to go eat some chocolate ice cream now. It always makes me feel better!!!
KL0124 responded:
I'm sorry you are feeling so rough. It's not the hormones! Your body has adapted to them. You are dealing with so many life changing events all at once. You are nearly at the end of a very emotional journey to get your babies here, your daily life has changed dramatically, etc. Parenting isn't the end of alone time or sleep or me time or hobbies or friends or really anything else. It just means you have another to share the love of your family and you may have to get creative about some things. Everything worth having takes some work and is worth it in the end. It sounds like you are in great hands with your OBs. Doesn't it make you feel good when someone notices a new haircut? Hope you enjoyed your ice cream.
nicram8683 responded:
Oh I totally agree. At this point I can not decide which part of pregnancy is the worst, the TTC with the emotions and testing and blood draws, or the first few months hoping I didnt miscarry again, or this last month where I am now uncomfortably big and am stuck in the bed when all I want is to deliver him so here is here!!

I can totally relate to you when you say I just want it to be over with. I too have waited so long for this and I just want him to be here. And laying in the bed for 2 weeks is not going to do anything for me emotionally. Its only been 3 days, I feel like a prisoner in my house, and Dr still wants me to stay pregnant til at least the 4th of June.

However, I am glad you have such a great repoar with your Dr. Its so good to know that they care.
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rooni134 responded:
Hi French,
I am so sorry you feel this way, but i can understand. i am glad that you can express your feelings here though. it really helps. you will be meeting you babies soon!
FrenchBulldogMom replied to rooni134's response:
I can't watch any more of those "birth story" shows on TLC. They have me crying like a baby!!!

On a brighter note, we moved the baby birds to a proper bird house, so I can watch them any time I want. Both the mommy and the daddy bird are feeding them. They're so cute; they look like tiny dinosaurs! I love baby animals.

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