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My Update
nicram8683 posted:
Finally have a chance to let you ladies know what is happening with me.

Baby Trevor Michael was born 6/6/12 @ 8:27am 8lbs2oz 18.5in. My water broke at 3:20am and contractions instantly went to 2 min apart. I went to the hospital and got my epidural right away. Birth went very smooth. I did tear and got a few stitches.

He latched right away and then was taken for a clean up and check up. After he returned to the room he continued to stay asleep and would not eat or go to the bathroom. By the next day around 5 am he still had not eaten once, but had went pee. The pediatrician on staff made the decision to send him up to Tucson to the NICU for a rule out bowl obstruction. His belly was distended and he was not eating, burping a lot and had not pooped.

He was transferred by helicopter. We arrived shortly after. As of today we still do not have an official diagnosis. The good news is that he is now pooping on his own, his belly is no longer hard, and this morning they doubled his feeding intake. I have been pumping like crazy since he had been on a no feeding order so I could not even attempt to breast feed. So my milk is very slowly coming in. Bad news is that his belly is still swollen, and we dont know why. He had a barium injection yesterday and we are awaiting the results of that so that we can figure out what happens next. He is able to be alert and awake which is good and I love looking at him.

We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House here in Tucson. This place is amazing for families in situations like ours. There is so much for DD to do here and they provide food. Its amazing to have such wonderful people who volunteer for this.

We are so ready to take our little man home. He is so perfect in every way and I can not wait for all of this to be over. I continue to try to be strong but it evades me so much and I just break down. Nothing can prepare you for seeing your baby with an IV in his head, and just overall not well. Especially when there is nothing you can do and there is no answers. Please keep us in your thoughts and I will post again when I know something. Thank you all!
Nicole(28)Mike(30) 7yr old DD
Diagnosed MFIF June 2011 after 27 months no BC(12 months active trying)
BFP: 8/2011 M/C @ 6 weeks 9/2011
BFP: 10/2011 EDD 06/25/2012 It's a BOY!!
deliela999 responded:
Wow, what a crazy few days! Congratulations on his birth. Hopefully they can figure out what's going on soon so you can get home and on to your new normal life. I'm glad you are at the Ronald McDonald House. I was very impressed with the one here in Indy when my SIL stayed there after my nephew was born. You are definitely in my thoughts!
KL0124 responded:
Congratulations on Trevor being here! I'm sorry that things have been so scary for you. Hopefully they will figure out what's going on soon, so he can go home with you. Ronald McDonald houses are wonderful. Will be praying for you.
gjbsgirl5705 responded:
I am praying for your sweet little trevor! What a hard thing for you and your dh to go through! I'm sure he is in good hands and will better in no time! hugs to you, mama.
Congratulations on the birth of your son and I know he wil bring so much joy to your lives!
me(Amy) - 30 dh - 29
IVF/ICSI -1 Caleb born 4/18/08
IVF/ICSI -2 Carter born 4/29/11
Surprise BFP!! - due 10/26/12
nicram8683 responded:
Thank you ladies. Good news is that all the testing has come back as normal. So the Dr says that he just had slow motility in his bowls and a delayed meconium plug. So now we just wait for it to pass.

Today was the best day so far. He has been taken off the IV, he is now on a schedule of eating when hungry instead of scheduled feedings, I am able to breastfeed and he is doing excellent with it, no longer on any monitors except heart rate (which is required for all NICU babies), and basically we are just waiting out the next 24 hours to make sure he can do well on his own. He still has a slightly bloated belly, but it is no longer hard. Dr is hoping that with some more passing gas and poops he will be just fine.

Feeling really positive. They say we may still have to be here for a few more days, but after the very successful day we had today I am feeling so relieved. I can not wait to have my baby at home in my arms. Thank you all for your kind words & support so far!
Nicole(28)Mike(30) 7yr old DD
Diagnosed MFIF June 2011 after 27 months no BC(12 months active trying)
BFP: 8/2011 M/C @ 6 weeks 9/2011
BFP: 10/2011 EDD 06/25/2012 It's a BOY!!
rooni134 replied to nicram8683's response:
Hi Nicole, great to know that he is doing better and continuing to make better progress. I wish you and him a speedy recovery. I cant even imagine what it must be like to see your little one with IVs, but it'll be over soon
you and him are in my prayers!

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