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Beta HCG Levels
mahlem15 posted:
Hi there,

I'm new to this board and have been lurking but am concerned about something so wanted to get some feedback. Had a positive pregnancy test on Sunday. Went in for beta on Monday and level was 80.9. Went today and it was 139.5. They told me on Monday that they like to see at least a 60% increase and I calculate this to be about 72%. When the nurse called me today she said that I'm on the low side so they want to re-test on Friday. Now I'm concerned. Should I be?
westsidebee responded:
Hi mahlem,

It's really hard to read much into HCG levels, but yours sound good to me. Have you looked at this website: It has a lot of information about rising beta levels, at each dpo.

Your beta numbers are rising, which is a good sign, so there's nothing for you to do but wait until Friday! I know it's hard. For me, my first pg ended in m/c even though my beta numbers looked great. So it's just really hard to tell this early -- try to be patient, and pamper yourself. Congrats, you're pg!
KL0124 responded:
Beta numbers are stressful. Beta base was helpful for me. Hope they kept rising and looked good on Friday. Good luck.

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