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BABY parks Update****
BabyParks posted:
I am 38 weeks and 5 days and starting to contract pretty bad and having to hold my breath and bend over to keep from hurting so bad but they did send me home today from the hospital and said I was not in labor. I was like what, labor is going to suck if I have to go into full labor. I have to dilate to 4-5 cm before they will do my c-section so I would really like to stop contracting now and just go in tuesday for the scheduled one but they won't stop me contracting. UGH makes no sense but I know they have reasons why they do it all and alot of it is new things they have set at the hospital. I know all about this from my job as a Coder for the hospital for years and that's part of it all, keeping the JCAHO standards met are priority in a hospital that size and that's one of those things they don't want everyone having routine scheduled c-sections at 37-38 weeks anymore just for the heck of it. It has to be a complication or reason for them to do it now. So here we sit waiting. Last year I could have done it at 38 if i wanted but oh well. We will make it and survive. I took some meds to go and try to relax as best I can. I am spotting and not sure if that's from her checking me or what but I refuse to go back in and get sent home again so I will wait til it's unbearable pain this next time and hope I don't get that bad before tuesday. 2 more days, I can do this girls!!!, CANT I???

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