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looking for experience of those that used clomid and femera
blueeyebaby posted:
Congrats to all of you!! I also posted this in the clomid board. I am looking for personal experiences from those who used both clomid and femera. How did they compare? If your dr gave you the choice to go on a higher dose of clomid or start the low dose of femera, what would you choose?

Thank you for all your info!![br>[br>
KL0124 responded:
Each person needs to make the best decision for them. In my experience (10 rounds clomid & 2 rounds femara), I much prefer femara. My uterine lining and follicles were much better on femara and I didn't have any of the horrible mood swings like I did on clomid. We did conceive with an early mc on a clomid/IUI cycle though. Our DD was conceived while TAB after 4 rounds of clomid and our twins were conceived via IVF for several reasons. Good luck with whichever route you choose.
blueeyebaby replied to KL0124's response:
Thanks you for your experience KL0124. I too had two mc while on clomid back in 2008, not sure if it was related to clomid or not. Do you mind sharing what your doses were on clomid and femera?

I just finished a second round of clomid at 150mg. The first cycle at this level I had a possible O (prog 6dpo was 8.6 and I got AF 14dpo on the dot). This last cycle at 150mg, I didn't O at all (prog .74 on cd27 and 0.6 on cd 35). The dr (ob/gyn) is willing to do 200mg clomid this next cycle or 2.5mg femera. I am worried if I go the femera route at 2.5mg, it won't work since low doses of clomid did nothing.

congrats on your twins!!

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