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The List 7/2/12
KL0124 posted:
Hi Ladies,

Here are the updates for the week of 7/23/2012. If anything needs to be corrected, please let me know!

If you'd like to be added to next week's list, just respond to the post and I'll get you on here next week! Please respond with your due date and how far along you are and if you know if you're on the blue or pink team or if you want a surprise! ***Yellow means you want a surprise and green means you are going to find out.***

Additions and Updates:

Congratulations to BabyParks on the birth of her son Emerson Noah!!! We are hoping mom and baby are doing well!!!!!

Congratulations Deliela999 on joining the Pink Team!

If you have any upcoming appt.'s you'd like added to the important dates section, I can add them.

IMPORTANT DATES! (OB and Peri appts, U/S's etc)***

KL0124 - 7/26 16 week appt with u/s

Moselyd36 - 8/8 placental u/s

LABOR WATCH!! (37 weeks and/or Special Cases)***

Codysu - Cody - 39w4d - EDD 7/26/12 - PINK team

Robynbyrd - Robyn - 38w1d - EDD 8/5/12 - blue team

THIRD TRIMESTER (27w until Labor Watch)

mosley36 - Danielle - 34w1d - EDD 9/1/12 - BLUE Team

BridgetBurke - Bridget- 31w - EDD 9/25/12 - PINK Team

Lopersgrl - 28w3d - EDD 10/12/12 - blue team

SECOND TRIMESTER (13w2d to 27w)

Gjbsgirl5705 (Amy) — 26w2d— EDD 10/26/12 — Pink Team

Lindsycd- Lindsy — 22w3d — EDD 11/25/12 — Green team

Jon3brn- 22w2d- EDD 11/25/12 — Green team

Deliela999 — Erin — 19w5d - EDD 12/11/12 — Pink Team

Westsidebee — 18w3d - EDD 12/23/12- Green Team

KL0124 - Kris - 15w3d - EDD 1/11/13 - Twins Green Team

FIRST TRIMESTER (Conception to 13w2d)***


KL0124 responded:
This is the list for 7/23! Not 7/2. Sorry ladies.
lindsycd responded:
Hi Everyone! I joined the blue team a couple weeks ago! I hope everyone is doing and feeling well. xo
BabyParks responded:
Baby Parks(courtney)- We are doing great. Emerson is growing and is 3 weeks old already today! I can't believe how fast it's flown by. Big brother Parker loves Emerson and does so much better with him than I could have even imagined. He is such a sweet big brother and loves baby broder so much I hope everyone here is doing great!!! We are so very blessed o have 2 healthy boys!

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