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How's everyone doing?
deliela999 posted:
This board has been so quiet! How is everyone doing?

Tomorrow makes 28 weeks for me! My blood pressure is still really high (hovering at 150/100). I've been checked out by a cardiologist and they keep adjusting meds, but nothing seems to bring it down. I go Thursday for another OB appointment with ultrasound to check growth. I'm supposed to leave for San Diego in 2 weeks for my brother's wedding, but we'll see if the doctor ok's that. I hate to miss the wedding, but we'll do whatever the doctor thinks is best. I bought trip insurance just in case so at least if I can't go I'll get my money back.
gjbsgirl5705 responded:
ugghhh... sorry to hear about your BP. I hope they can get it down. This board has been super slow lately... I only check it once or twice a week. I am 34 weeks (35 on Friday) so, getting close! I had a growth u/s yesterday and baby is about 5 pounds in the 45th%. I was told I have a grade 3 placenta which is normally found around 39-40 weeks so, I have to get weekly NST's until I deliver. but, just so long as she's healthy!
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KL0124 responded:
Deliela - Sorry to hear about your BP. How's it doing now? How was your growth u/s? Hopefully you can still make your brother's wedding.

gjbsgirl - Sounds like your little girl is growing well. NSTs aren't too bad. It's just one more step until you get to hold your LO. Hopefully your placenta holds up well. It's good you are being monitored so closely.

As for me I was in L&D last Monday for contractions and dialation at 23w3d. They got everything to stop and I'm on even more restrictions. On the plus side, the babies are growing well and both head down for now. I go back on Tuesday to check everything out, then get to do the glucose tolerance tests and start steroid shots for lung development. Still hoping to hold out until 36/37 weeks for delivery, but will see what these babies have in mind.

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