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    This is a new one for me!
    kittykatjenn posted:
    Well, today I had an experience I never have before. I had a panic attack! I totally freaked out at work...crying and couldn't breathe....freaked out! Because I am pg I can't be around inmates so I work in a central crontrol room. It is a small kinda room and sorta dark so I can see all the cameras. I am by myself too. Usually not a problem...but it was today.

    They are doing construction and they were knocking down walls and cutting metal and all sorts. I wasn't happy because the concrete was coming close to the windows of my room. So when they realized that they covered the windows so they wouldn't get broken. Well, here I am...clostrophobic, in a dark room with the windows covered and all I can hear is stuff crashing around me, the whole room is shaking because they are busting connecting walls and all I can smell is the blow torch and melting metal! I freaked out big time. Then I had a headache the whole rest of the night.

    Hopefully it won't be like that tomorrow. I don't think they should have had me in there but whatever! I survived!
    Leah25Brooke2 responded:
    Oh my gosh!! That sounds absolutely horrible!! Is there no where else you can go?? Goodness gracious! Sounds like hell, pardon my language. So is there nothing else you can do at your job then sit in a room by yourself? I could not do that. I am far too social and would probably go insane. haha

    I'm so sorry you had a panic attack! I've heard they are so scary to experience. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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    kittykatjenn replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    Well, I have to sit in 1 of 3 control rooms. We have another girl who is pg and she only knows the floor rooms so she cant be on the 1st floor. And there is a guy with a broken foot. They can switch us out but he kinda got in trouble down there the other day for refusing someone access. So I am stuck. I think they are done taking down walls now though so I should be ok. It was awful!
    mrs62610 replied to kittykatjenn's response:
    Oh wow! I'm not claustrophobic but that would freak me out too!! Glad that you made it through the night!
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