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36 week U/S
Leah25Brooke2 posted:
So we had our last look at our beautiful little girl on U/S. My Dr said she looks "great". According to U/S she weighs a little over 6 lbs (but in my experience they have never been accurate on weight with u/s, haha) She just looks so big compared to when I saw her last at 21 weeks. I had my first cervical check and the Dr said the braxton hicks I've been having have been working to prepare my cervix. I'm not dilated, but my cervix is thin and soft. (She didn't say what percentage effaced). She also said that her head is "way down." Which is a good thing! We are so excited and thrilled. Induction date still set up for August 1st. Only two and a half weeks away! It's unbelievable how fast the time has flown by. My DD is super excited and I'm just beyond excited. I'm starting to feel nervous about the labor and delivery because I'm delivering at a hosptial that I've never delivered at before and I'm really hoping to have a good experience. I also really want my little girl to be a little chunk just to prove everyone wrong! LOL. I have not gotten fat with this pregnancy, I'm fit and healhty and all baby and I still have alot of energy. Some people have been commenting that my baby will be small because I'm not that big. But Dr says my fundus is measuring perfectly - so of course whatever she weighs, I just want her to be healthy - but I think it'd be awesome if she was at least 7lbs 15 oz or 8 lbs like the other two I've delivered. lol. Petty of me I know. Anyways, this pregnancy is rapidly drawing to a close. I'm ready and excited to meet my little girl. We feel so blessed.
Me(26) DH(29) DD (4) TTC2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - Induction date Aug 1st - It's a GIRL!!
mrs62610 responded:
That's great! I'm glad everything is looking good! Only 2 and a half weeks?!!! I knew you were that far along but when you think of it in terms of how much time is left, it just makes it seem more real!

I understand how you feel about LO's weight. It would serve everyone right for thinking they know everything! Lol

I'll be praying that you have a smooth delivery!
Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13
Leah25Brooke2 replied to mrs62610's response:
haha! Thanks!!
Me(26) DH(29) DD (4) TTC2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - Induction date Aug 1st - It's a GIRL!!

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