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    Birth story
    cheyenne828 posted:
    Sarah Madeline was born at 7:24 am on 3/24. She was 6 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

    I finished work the previous Friday so was just spending time getting the house in order. On Wed I just didn't feel right, but couldnt' put my finger on it. Hubby came home from work then jetted off to hockey that night. At about 9 pm I had a bunch of mucous, but knew that might not mean anything. At about 11 he came home and we got ready for bed. He was in our room tucking me in (we were sleeping in separate beds to limit the disruptions) and we were just lying there. All of a sudden we heard a pop and I said, OMG, I think my water just broke! He said are you going to get up and I said I'm scared to! LOL. Well I did and it had. It was about 11:50 pm. We called the midwife who said to come to the hossy. I was GB strep positive. We finished packing and drove to Boston, enduring a detour that took us all over the place. Contractions had started, but were mild. Checked in to the hospital at 1:20 amand got settled and was checked about 2 am and was 2-3 cm dialated. Contractions started picking up and were all over the place - 5 mins apart, 2 mins, 1 min, back to 5 min. We decided to get the epi. Since I have spinal fusion, it was high risk, so the docs came in and used an US to locate where to place. Long story short, it only took to the right side (which was a risk I knew about). They kept coming in and out trying to adjust and give more meds but it just wasn't working. It's a good thing I got it early though just to get it figured out as best they could. And thankfully my labor was fast. At about 4 am the MW checked and I was 4-5 cm dialated. Contractions still all over the place. It all went so 5:30 I was 7 cm. Around 6:15 or so I told the nurse I thought I was going to poop myself and she said that's the baby! MW came in and checked and I was a 10. Pushed for an hour. Wow, what an experience. Sarah had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, so they had to rotate her as she was coming out and cut the cord early. I was unaware of this til after. Hubby was the best. I delivered her and could not pass my placenta, so there was another hour of being medicated and the OB getting it out (it was stuck on my fibroids). Then I was stiched for 2nd degree tears.

    We got home on Saturday and I'm still in awe. She lost over 10pct of her body weight in the hospital, and my milk was slow to come in, so we've been doing formula and I'm pumping and trying to get her back to the breast which is a slow hard process, but I'll keep trying. She is a joy and I cannot believe it's over (the PG) and just beginning at the same time.

    I will be trying to get PG again as soon as I can due to my age. I can't wait!!

    So what board do I go to next? LOL I don't want to leave you guys! I will continue to check in when I can. Thank you all so much for all the support over the last 9 mos. XXOO
    Pam 37, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10, EDD 4/2/11, yellow team
    Mandy_Smiles responded:
    Congratulations Pam! Welcome to the world Sarah Madeline! Oh my goodness, what a birth story! Were you both able to hear the pop when your water broke? It's amazing how fast you progressed, you give me hope for a fast delivery! I'm sorry that your epidural didn't fully work, did they get that figured out? It's scary that the cord was wrapped around her neck! Oh my gosh, you are a super star, momma Pam! :) I think the information for the PAL Grad message board is in the weekly Thursday post. I think it's at or something like that. Congratulations again!
    Mandy 26, DH 31, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, EDD 3/27/11 Gweneth Grace :)
    cheyenne828 replied to Mandy_Smiles's response:
    Thanks Mandy! I'll be watching for your delivery and Julie's and Christina's...and all the others. I could not believe we could hear the pop either! But I have since learned it does happen. Crazy!
    Pam 37, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10, EDD 4/2/11, yellow team
    bbylove21 replied to cheyenne828's response:
    Welcome to the world indeed baby Sarah !!! OMG !! pam you totally rocked that delivery, I hope that you & the new baby are doing well. Ican't wait till I get to announce the birth of my baby amazing was it when they told you the sex and you got to hold her?? I keep thinking of that wonderful moment where thay tell me it's (boy/girl) and i just start bawling!! lol .. Huge congrats for your new little family after all you went through you truly deserve this and more ..hugs and kisses ;)
    Adriana(21) DH(26)Furry baby Lola (3yrs old shih-pom).. mc at 9 weeks in 5/22/10 BFP!! 9/25/10 EDD 6/29/10 Yay summer baby!! Chicago is cold! Yellow team
    Babyhopes614 responded:
    Yay! Congratulations, I know you are glad to have your sweet baby girl at home. Thank goodness your labor went fast and you didn't have to be in pain for too long. I'm glad you and lil Miss Sarah are doing good :-)
    Jennifer(23) DH(27) TTC Since 10/10. One pregnancy M/C 6 1/2 weeks 10/13. BFP 12/28! EDD 9/13/11
    marchbabee replied to Babyhopes614's response:
    Me(30), DH(29), 1 m/c at 5w, 2 m/c at 6w, BFP 11/24/10, EDD 8/4/11. Blue Team!
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Pam, I love the name choice!! So classic and beautiful :) Thanks for sharing your birth story with us. You had a fast labor! I'm amazed and impressed ;)

    Congratulations to you and your DH on your new baby girl!! XOXO
    Julie (27) DF (34). One MC 5/10 at 7 wks. BFP 8/9/10! It's a boy!!! EDD 4/18/11
    Starla_94 replied to jedmonds12's response:
    Yea Pam!!! thanks for sharing... LOVE Love the name!!!

    don't give up on BF.. your midwife probably can assist or refer you to a Lactation Specialist if you need to help. I struggled with this with my son and i refused to give up.. I ended up pumping for 6 months even through mastisis (infection of the milk duct) and dried what little milk i had up i still tried to pump so he'd have breast milk with formula.. i couldn't get enough to feed him so i had to supplement.. i will try hard with this one.. I've already started to express a drop a day to increase my supply after baby comes (recommended by a specialist)
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    noelle1225 responded:
    What a beautiful name:) Sorry you had such trouble out of the epi, but I'm sure that seem insignificant now:) I know she's beautiful.
    mrslee97658 responded:
    Congrats again! I'm sure she's beautiful and GL with the breastfeeding. I could never make enough milk to do it and it doesn't seem like this time around is any different cuz the boobies haven't grown any.
    Me Ruth(27), DH (42) DS1(11), DD(8), DS2(5), DS3(3) M/c 1@6wks 9/06,M/C 2 D
    Prayforamiracle responded:
    Lurking from TTC after loss.......

    Oh Pam, what an amazing story. A story that I'm so happen to hear from you. You have went through so much and certainly deserve this little miracle. I can't believe you have a little Sarah Madeline. I'm all smiles for you and your dream finally coming true. I would love for you to rejoin us over at TTC after loss when you are ready to ttc again, but understand if you don't feel comfortable with that. Again a big congratulations coming your way and much love.
    cutenshort13 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
    Grad lurking

    Congrats on your baby girl! Don't give up on the BF. It took me and DD almost 5 weeks before we got the latching issues worked out. I pumped and bottle feed her. She's now nursing like a champ. Most days she doesn't get a bottle but I have started back with a few bottles a day so that she is used to them when I go back to work this week. Can't wait to see you on the grad board!
    Sami (me)(21) DH (20) Rylie Taylor BFP 11/1/09 m/c 11/7/09. Two fur babies one palm mix and a hunting dog. BFP 6/15/10 EDD 2/24/11 PINK TEAM!!!

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