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Baby Formula!!
MommaSampson posted:
Ok I fully plan on breastfeeding for as long as possible but I know that at one point I might have to buy formula. I just looked at how much it was and almost fell out of my chair! Granted it's been quite a few years since I bought formula but holy cow! Either my DH or I is going to have to get a part time job to pay for diapers and formula now. I really don't remember it being that expensive. I am going to start couponing.
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mrslee97658 responded:
I don't know if you qualify but you should try and see if you can get WIC in your area. It doesn't hurt to try and their income bracket is much different than say for other things such as medicaid. We don't qualify for the other things but we qualify for WIC to help us out.
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LindzRenee responded:
Grad lurking...

This probably wont help with formula, but I joined the program on called "Amazon Moms" and saved a WHOLE bunch of money on diapers. It doesn't cost to join you basically set it up like a subscription to diapers and they ship them to you at no cost. I ordered a box of 284 pampers dry max and paid $28 for them with no sales tax or shipping. It would have cost me $45 at Sam's/Costco for the same product or $47 at Target. Hope that helps with diapers.

I bought formula on eBay. Our son needed to be on Alimentum ($28 for a 16oz can) and saved quite a bit doing that...HTH!!
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noelle1225 replied to LindzRenee's response:
thanks for the info:)
lbean1975 replied to LindzRenee's response:
I agree great info, thank u!! :)
cheyenne828 responded:
Lurking...also, go on the Similac and Enfamil websites and sign up and you will get free cans in the mail as well as $5 "checks" that are like coupons that you can use. I bought a case of Similac at BJs that was pre-mixed 8 containers was 40 and I used the 5 coupon on it - 20% off! Same with Pampers and Huggies, if you sign up on their sites you will get more coupons.
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earleyml1012 responded:
With my DD we used the Wal-Mart brand (Parent's Choice) formula and it was basically the same as Similac but a lot cheaper. I would also call their hotline (1-800-485-9918) every 30 days for a $5 off coupon. I've found that the store brand stuff works just as well, if not better than the name brand. For diapers we use Target and you can print coupons off their website for $1.50 off...we get 144 diapers for $18.50. Plus if you sign up for their credit card you get 5% off EVERY purchase.

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