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    Bean - Birth Story - Long version
    Starla_94 posted:
    Sorry for the delay, it was a long emotional weekend and i can no longer post from my phone anymore..

    Short - Ryan Alexander Estrada aka bean was born Sat Apri 16th at 4:17 am. He was 7 pounds 1 oz and 20 inches long.

    Here is a link to some photos..

    Monday April 18th.. I woke up and had some bloody discharge. I was for sure he would come soon after that cause with Andrew my first son.. I had bloody show and then delivered him 6 hours later.. well the contractions never relaly kicked in and the bleeding stopped i had a doc apt wed. told the doc but there was no progress in my dilation and Ryan was still really high " floating" he called it.. Doc said it probably would be another week.. I was disappointed but still felt he was coming that weekend..

    Friday Morning i got up for work it was really early and there was more bloody show.. even more then Monday and i was really crampy like.. plus going the "bathroom" like every 10 minutes i swear.. my body was cleaning itself out i suppose.. so let DH know to keep the cell close again and that i wasn't going into work..

    Contractions were odd all day they didn't feel like BH and didn't feel real either.. they were all over the place some lasting 5-7 minutes one 15 some just a minute or two but they would come one 15 minutes apart then 1 hour apart then i would have a bunch within an hour and then just stop for a couple more..

    I just didn't feel comfy all day and had come to the conclusion he wasn't coming that night.. about 10pm they got more painful but they were far few and in between and hard to keep track of when they started or stopped they didn't' feel like contractions i remembered with my son. talking with a friend decided to just go to bed and get some rest.. I was woken about 11 in more pain.. and I just said to myself this can't be fake but still didn't feel like contractions.. but i called DH anyway and left a message and told him That i thought I might be in labor that the pain was too great to not be.. I was bleeding more as well.. He called back after a short bit.. i got in the tub while on the phone with him to help me time them And i told him just to head out please so we can go. .and he said i don't want to drive out there to find out your not really in labor.. (uGH) i would of smacked him if he had been in person. I felt like he was arguing with me on being in labor and then he said if your that close then i won't make it have your mom bring you
    and i just said no Get in the car and get over here please.. By the time i get everythign ready you'l be here.. then of course i was getting lectured about not having it already ready.. It was but i wanted to get dressed and put my tolietries that i have to use daily back in the suitcase and yes i'm weird but i put on my makeup before i left..

    I called my mom to have her come stay with my son and after all the stress and chaos, finally i was getting in the car to leave.. with contractions 10 minutes apart.. This was about 1ish.. i was in major pain.. hurt to move walk stand sit everything.. it didn't feel like contractions still .. but i knew he was coming and Soon.. I remember thnking just get me there please now..

    my mom stressed, stressed me out more i was crying and she was crying , i was scared and then with all the emotions with everything going on with DH that week with me i had that on my mind too.. Mom took me to the front of the neighboorhood to meet DH per his request .. Finally 1 30ish i was in DH's truck and on the freeway.. and I was about 5 minutes apart and calling the doc to let them know i was on my way in.
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    Starla_94 responded:


    That was the longest car ride ever.. i was feeling the urge to even push while in the car and trying to hold it back.. Got to the hospital around 2/ 2:15 am.. Pulled up to the vallet and i couldn't even stand.. freaked out the vallet guy and he ran off to get a wheelchair.. and once again the longest ride in a wheelchair ever..

    the nurses were expecting me took one look at the pain on my face and just pointed DH to the room.. and told him to come back to get his security tag when he could. .LOL

    I got in the room nurse told me to get undressed in the bathroom.. I think i was ripping my clothes off before i got there.. Like the gown was going to speed this up any??? lolol DH hasn't seen me naked in 7 months and i jsut didn't care at that moment.. finally in the bed and getting all hooked up i was about 3 minutes apart here.. doc came in and checked me i was only 8 1/2 cm dialated but Ryan was still high and i wasn't efaced enough..
    so he left and said he'd come back in a few.. my back hurt so bad.. nothing i did or said or breathed helped.. nurse and DH were trying to push on my back to help.. Doc came back in and checked me again.. no progress.. contractions were 2 1/2 minutes apart.. and i was in severe pain he could see it .. But i didn't want the epidural or drugs and the staff totally supported me and didn't even try to convince me.. i don't even know what time it was at this point.. probably close to 3 3:30am.. i thought i was goin to rip the handle off the bed for awhile there in a contraction.. i was just crying and telling everyone to please just make it stop i couldn't take it anymore.. and i was so upset i just couldn't handle it.. it was NOTHING like labor with my son.. I had horrible heartburn and so they gave me something for that in my IV and i tried to hold out what seemed like an hour more but was only about 3 more contractions before i said.. OK to the epidural..

    They made DH leave for that, and the nurse was so wonderful.. try holding still through violent contractions 2 minutes apart while someone is attempting to stick a needle in my back..

    But once it kicked in. OMG i wished I'd had it on the car ride over.. i was completly pain free from the waist down. even the nurse said.. can you feel that? and i was like no my belly is tightening but i can't feel anything..

    THey checked me again.. still no progress.. so they started Picoten at a high dose to keep up my contractions.. and doc then realized his head was turned the wrong way and he was most likely Stuck hence why he hadnt' come downa nd why i wasn't efacing cause his head wasn't pushing on the cervix..

    Doc advised the nurse to check in about 15 minutes and then start to push slightly through the contractions.. to see if getting his head to it the cervix would help or if he could turn.. I got the lecture about a possible C section and just prayed. Please God No more.. Just bring me my baby safe and sound..

    So Nurse checked no progress so we waited for a contractions. .I couldnt feel them so she had to tell me to start pushing.. (By the way i was facebooking inbetween all this after i got the epi! LOLOL

    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    Starla_94 replied to Starla_94's response:
    The first push the nurse got excited and was like WOW> your a good pusher.. and told me to do it again.. and When i pushed she was like PERFECT he just turned!! and Dropped almost all the way.. ANd told me she was going to tell me to push again .. but told me when i say stop.. stop.. and directed DH to push the red button on my bed to call the doc.. So I pushed again and in a sec she said STOP, Oh my push that button now.. and reminded me how good of a pusher iw as.. we told her with Andrew i pushed wrong and it took long and i ended up busting blood vessels in my eyes cause of it so it was good i was doing something right even though i couldn't' feel CRAP down there.. Doc came right in.. wow that was fast! lol

    He commented on my previous episiotomy and said it was already torn a little.. and i told him i've had problems with it since i had my son 7 years ago.. that even just getting constipated would rip it open or it felt that way and would bleed.. and he said no problem we will fix that up. He had me start to push got the head there.. He had to tell me to stop pushing so quick.. he said he was goin to make a little more room for baby.. and i heard the horrible cut sound of skin.. OMG!! i didn't hear it before with Andrew cause i was just tired and in pain no drugs.. now i was alert and coherant and couldn't feel a thing.. i heard it.. ICK!! so Pushed again and OUT he came.. doc was shocked.. and almost not prepared to have him come out so quick!

    basically one push birth..

    they put him on my chest right away and did the inital exam on my chest.. i loved it! he was SOOO TINY. i was expecting this 8-9 pound baby.. and here was this little thing.. finally they weighted him .. 7 pounds 1 oz and i was like nO way!

    DH cut the cord and they finished up his exam and weight and getting him tagged and all that jazz.. finished stiching me up and gave him back to me to start to feed.. he latched on and chugged away for 45 minutes till they had to take him to the nursery.. DH went with so he could see where he'd be.. and they were getting me prepped to go.. DOc said the placenta looked great and healthy and doesn't look like any issues..

    So here is my perfect little angel, "Well Baked" we say :) i'm bias but he really is a beautiful baby total angel face.. and i'm just loving him every second.. and hes a snuggler!! and SOO TINY! we are still in newborn diapers and clothes and some of them are big on him..

    We are having issues getting his weight up he doesn't want to eat more then 1-2 oz but i think yesterday i finally got him to eat more.. 3 oz by a medicine dropper and then he breast fed for a solid 45 minutes with the constant sucking noise.. my milk is fully in.. (wholy cow pain) and now just trying to figure out a schedule and or whats going on when and why..

    We've had some long nights of screaming with nothing consoling him i think he might have reflux as well.. but will check in with the doc at his 2 week apt..

    now if i can get more then a couple hours sleep i would be ecstatic! Since its just me and Ryan right now at home all night its scary what if i don't wake up? but so far dealing..

    I have more to this story in regards to DH but don't want to spoil the labor story so i'll post separately about that later..

    Thanks again ladies for all your support I will still check in around here following those that have yet to deliver..
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    mrslee97658 replied to Starla_94's response:
    Wow what a tough labor for you. I am so glad you got through that mommy! Enjoy your little bean and try to get some rest when you can.
    Me Ruth(27), DH (43) DS1(11), DD(8), DS2(5), DS3(3) 2 m/c 6wk, 9wk, BFP 11/23/10 EDD 8/4/11 Blue Team
    noelle1225 replied to mrslee97658's response:
    Birth Goddess right here ladies!!!! So proud that you toughed that out with everything else that has been going on and so glad you get to hold your healthy, happy, ADORABLE little boy:)
    Noelle(27) Hubby (27) One MC @ 8.5wks July 2010. 2 Kitties and 2 Dogs. Yay for furry kisses! First baby due Oct. 2011!
    ImMe26 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Im just a lurker really, im not pregnant, but I visited these boards when I was last pregnant about 3yrs ago..anyways...

    Ive followed your story, only because it hit soo close to home for me. All the DH stuff and being pregnant. I also had a son :O)

    I just mainly wanted to say "Congrats" on the baby , he is gorgeous!!!!!
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    what a darling little baby. congrats.
    Heather(23),DH Lee(24). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. Hoping I will get blessed again someday.
    Starla_94 replied to ImMe26's response:
    Really ImMe? I would be interested in hearing your story if you don't mind sharing i think the link to my facebook will show you my page if you have an account if not let me know i'll try to share my email with ya!
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    bbylove21 replied to Starla_94's response:
    Your a Super Woman Christina, that's one hell of a story If i may say. Dh need to step up his gam, keep us updated on your beautiful baby I look at your album & he's gorgeous .. tons 7 tons of congrats
    Adriana(21) DH(26)Furry baby Lola (3yrs old shih-pom).. mc at 9 weeks in 5/22/10 BFP!! 9/25/10 EDD 6/29/10 Yay summer baby!! Chicago is cold! Yellow team
    ImMe26 replied to Starla_94's response:
    Yes really ...

    Left me for a co-worker at work, we were together 8yrs at that point. Tried reconciling a few times, and got pregnant with my son. He never was there, doesnt claim him......going thru a divorce as we speak. It was very emotional, and I completely relate to your story...

    I read here every now and again, and I happened upon on of your post and it broke my heart.. :O( I seen myself all over again.....

    I am usually only WebMd at work, but I can get on FB at home...I will try to access the link..

    Thanks, hoping things are working out for you!!
    wmatto83 replied to Starla_94's response:
    OH MY!!!! What a labor!!! I just said to my DH yesterday that I don't want to be cut down there. So I commend you! But I look at your pics I must say he is worth it!! He is adorable congrats!!!
    Starla_94 replied to ImMe26's response:
    sounds like me married 8 years in may... and so sorry you are going through this alone...
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    Starla_94 replied to ImMe26's response:
    imme.. if you request a friend on fb with me just let me know your from web md
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 Triplets 2 more angles (Sep 2010) and Baby Boy Bean - EDD 4/28/2011
    ImMe26 replied to Starla_94's response:
    Ok will do ;o)
    ImMe26 replied to Starla_94's response:
    May what??...LOL...

    How freaking weird. My anniv is May 9th....LOL...

    This year we would have been together 12yrs..

    I have been seperated awhile though, this year made 4yrs and my son is turning 3 in June...

    You just started again...LOL....I do believe that maybe we can offer eachother support. Divorce is hard and its not like im not ready....its been pure hell for 4yrs...lots of back and fourth and stuff....just madness and at times I still think "what if " it still hurts he took all those options away for me...

    Time does heal alot and ive had some time to deal with all of this.....but it still sucks!

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