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Ani - re: Progesterone
Lysana posted:
This is a continuation of a conversation from TTCAL. Ani asked me what I take as a Progesterone supplement during pregnancy, because she wanted more information since doctors have differing opinions on what works best and how long. I didn't think it was appropriate to have a detailed pregnancy-related conversation on TTCAL, so I'm posting it over here, instead. I imagine she'd appreciate input from anyone else who has experience with it, as well.

Doctors do have different opinions on progesterone supplementation. There are some who don't think it makes a difference, while others do think it helps.

I take Prometrium Oral 200 mg 1x/day. That's what my first OB prescribed, and it was apparently enough (if it was even necessary, but I am not willing to take the risk).

I called for a prescription from my new midwife, and she prescribed the same pill, but 2x/day. I'm still only taking it 1x/day, because otherwise it's the same thing, and again, that has always worked for me - she prescribed it because I asked for it, not based on my current progesterone levels, so there is no information to suggest I need to do it differently from before.

I will take it until 12 weeks. The placenta takes over progesterone production around 10 weeks, I think, but taking it through 12 weeks covers all the bases. That is what I am comfortable doing, and conveniently, that is also what my midwife recommends.

Many people feel that the vaginal suppositories are absorbed better, and go that route. Since I have never had a problem with the oral pills, I haven't worried about it, but it is something to consider.

I hope this information helps!
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marchbabee responded:
I too took Prometrium, 200mg 1/day at night. My levels were low, so before we TTC again (after 2 m/c) she started me on the oral medicine on the 14th day of my period. I got pregnant that cycle, and am now 34w along! I had to take it daily through the 10th week, and it worked just fine for me. I had no side effects (I probably slept through them!) and my levels at my 8w nurse educator visit were in the 2nd trimester range! If I hadn't gotten pregnant, I would have stopped taking the prometrium once a new period started, and then picked back up on the 14th day of the new cycle. HTH!
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alb7585 responded:
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    When TTC I was 200mg/ once a day for days 14-28 and then to induce my period they upped me to twice a day after I got a BFN. With the neg test I would be on the higher dose from days 28-36 to get my period going. When I got my BFP I was increased to 200mg three times a day until 12 weeks. Then from 12-14 weeks 200mg twice a day, then from 14-16 200mg once a day. They tried taking me off cold turkey and it caused cramping and spotting every time so weaning me worked better. Keep in mind in addition to my loss I have severe PCOS and make no natural progesterone basically. They watched my levels through my ENTIRE pregnancy. GL & HTH
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    ani05 responded:
    Thanks for your reply!

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