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Birth Story- A little long
Gonnamissmyson posted:
Layla Ryann- Born via C Section on 07-25-2011 @ 4:41 pm. 7lbs 8oz, 19 1/2 in. long.

I was scheduled for the c section on 07/25/11 at 4pm. So I had a long morning. I couldnt eat anything after 8 so I woke up early, had some cereal and started my day. I dropped off DD at daycare then went and got a pedi and haircut. Came home and started packing my bag. S/O came home and we were off to the hospital. We had to be there at 2. As soon as we arrive to l&d they had my room already prepped. They hooked up the baby heartbeat monitor and started asking about a million questions. My mom and sisters were able to come and see me before I was sent off to deliver. I hadnt had a c section before so when they walked me into the room it was a bit intimidating. Steril room, medical tools everywhere.. Yeah I was SCARED lol. As soon as I got in they sat me down and started putting in the spinal. It wasnt to bad, Ive had 2 epis before so I kinda knew what to expect. Once they put that sucker in and they laid me down I couldnt feel a thing. THAT was scary. It was like I didnt have control of my body, I could barely breath, but they do put some oxygen on you so I was ok. Once it was fully working they started!! They called s/o in and he was freaking lol. My sister had asked him to take her camera in and he wouldnt :( So after they started it took about 15 min I guess to get her out. I couldnt feel anything so there I was just scared out of my mind, staring at the ceiling and s/o just holding my hand as hes watching everything going on. Finally I hear them say shes breached (we already knew that) I felt a little pressure and then I heard a cry. They said ok baby girl, 1641 and they rushed her over to get cleaned up. Once they did that they brought her to me for a minute then they handed her to her daddy. As they finished up with me the, the nursary nurses let him carry her to the nursery and show her off to our family in the waiting room. It seemed like forever but they finally finished with me. They sent me to recovery for about 2 hrs. There they brought me the baby and the fam was able to come in 2 at a time to visit with us. I was still not in any pain nor could I even move or feel anything. Finally they sent me to my room. The nurse had brought me a sanwich and I was there trying to eat and I had sat up. I felt some blood coming out and didnt think anything of it, but then it happened again. 2 of my sisters were stll with me and I told them something doesnt feel right. So we called the nurse. She came in and checked and started pressing on my uterus and huge blood clots were just coming out and she called for more nurses and then they gave me a shot to help shrink my uterus. One of the nurses actually jumped on top of my bed and started pressing on my stomach, it hurt sooo bad, it was the worst pain ever. They (3 diff nurses tried) said they could feel more clots but couldnt get them out. They had to call the dr. As we were waiting we were freaking out, we didnt know if this was normal. Finally the nurse said well worst case if the Dr cant get out the clots and the bleeding doesnt stop they will have to do a d&c to clean it out. Dr came in quick and checked had to pull them out, he said my uterus was full of clots. I felt huge clots coming out. My sister said they were the size of golf balls! SCARY. But luckily the bleeding stopped and they brought me my baby back. She battled with jaundice for a little bit but its slowly going away. She is so beautiful and has a head full of hair. She doesnt cry very much or very loudly as I remember the way her big sister was when she was a baby. We were able to go home on Thurs the 28th. Her big sis has been good with her, a bit jealous at first but shes ok now. I can't wait to watch my baby grow :) Thank you ladies for reading and I wish all of you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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LynnaeMarie responded:
Congratulations on a healthy baby girl! Layla is an adorable name! Glad the jaundice is fading away, my youngest nephew had it too, no fun.

Sorry about the bleeding & clots, that must have been so scary I can't imagine! Glad you had your sisters, I was there for my sister & she'll be there for me too :)

Come back from time to time to say hi & update us on Layla!!!
Me (28) DH (35) M/C 2/2010 at 12 weeks. Bailey, Molly (pups), lots of cats. BFP 2/20/11! EDD 10/31/11! Blue team!
Lysana responded:
Congrats on your little girl! Lovely name. :) I'm sorry your experience was scary, but I'm glad everything went well in the long run!
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halfmilebrave responded:
Congrats on you new baby girl!
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Babyhopes614 responded:
I absolutely love her name! Congrats on a healthy baby girl. I hope you are healing quickly and I'm glad to hear she is doing better with the jaundice.
Jennifer(24) DH(27) M/C 10/12/2010 at 6 weeks. BFP 12/27/2010 EDD 9/13/2011. PINK TEAM~Parker Anne
ralica responded:
Congrats on the baby girl! I am relieved a little to know that c-sections aren't as painful during the procedure - most people describe a lot of pressure a tugging and it sounds creepy to me so I've always feared c-sections. Although the clotting sounds pretty scary but that can happen during regular birth too.

I am expecting baby girl too and have no clue what we will end up naming her, but Layla is one of the names we've been considering too.

Have fun with your LOs, and try to rest if possible! ;)
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noelle1225 replied to ralica's response:
Sounds like you had a few scary minutes, but I'm glad everything turned out fine and congratulations on your new little girl:)
Noelle(27) Hubby (27) One MC @ 8.5wks July 2010. 2 Kitties and 2 Dogs. Yay for furry kisses! Cael Ryan due Oct. 21, 2011! Blue Team!
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Congratulations and welcome to little Layla!!

Glad everyone is doing well and big sister is softening up to her new baby sister!

Keep us posted on how everyone is doing!

Baby in the tummy, it's all up to mommy. But once the baby's had, it's bragging rights for Dad
bbylove21 responded:
AW, baby Layla is here and beautiful! I'm so glad you and her are doing really well!! it's scary to know you had a blood cloth! Keep posting those lovely pictures
Adriana(21) DH(26)Furry baby Lola (3yrs old shih-pom).. mc at 9 weeks in 5/22/10 BFP!! 10/22/10 EDD 6/29/11 Yay summer baby!! Chicago is cold! Yellow team
mrslee97658 responded:
grad lurking****

congrats star! good to hear they were able to get rid of the clots and you didn't hafta have a d&c.
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