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    Monday Updates! October 24th!
    LynnaeMarie posted:
    It seems we forgot to do our Monday Updates, not that it matters too much, just seemed empty without it today

    Lynnae & Baby Boy


    w/g: 34lbs

    s/c: nothing really new for the past two weeks, stronger more frequent BHC, but nothing painful still. Random lower back achenes & lower abdominal cramping. Appetite swings from not hungry & nothing sounds good to I want to eat everything in site. Similar energy swings from buzzing around the house trying to do everything at once to wanting to fall asleep where I stand. & of course the usual pelvic/hip pressure & occasional sour stomach. I'm satisfied where I'm at mentally, physically & preparedness, so it's just a waiting game now.

    other: the stretch mark fairy caught up with me sort of; since baby dropped I noticed first one little mark, now I can see little tiny mostly light colored vertical marks along the bottom of my belly. Not a big deal, I've been surprised with every month that's gone by where I didn't have any since belly started growing big. I really can't complain, in fact to some people like my lil sis she took it as me bragging, lol. She's got the bad ones that are huge & purple all the way up & down her
    DH didn't get the job he interviewed for, an older guy who's been an attorney for like 20yrs got it. It was a nice prospect for us income wise, but we're doing pretty well with what we've got.
    & we painted this weekend finally!

    next d/a: this Wed 26th
    Me (29) DH (35) M/C 2/2010 at 12 weeks. Bailey, Molly (pups), lots of cats. BFP 2/20/11! EDD 10/31/11! Blue team!
    kerrymh responded:
    Kerry and Baby GIRL!!!
    Go Team Pink:)

    w/g: 10lbs

    s/c: I am feeling the baby kick so much these days. It was one day last week, after a couple of days of feeling movements that it finally occurred to me to put my hand on my belly to see if I could feel it from the outside. So now I've got my hands on my belly all day long. My husband gets to feel it too, and it makes him look sooo happy:)
    I am also feeling very full, like I just can't eat a regular sized meal anymore, and I am getting heartburn. I know I am supposed to eat smaller meals, and not to eat within a couple hours of bedtime, so I am trying that now. And Pepcid too.

    Other: I am going to visit my mom this weekend and we are going to do some shopping. I know she is going to buy things for the baby, but we are going to hit some maternity stores too, which I am very excited about. There is a GAP maternity in Houston, and so far I have just been ordering some things from there online. Im really looking forward to shopping in the store.
    Kerry (34) DH (38) MC 2004, Ectopic 2011, BFP June 17th! EDD Feb 28, 2012, Team Green!
    SLMama responded:
    Morgan and Zachary


    w/g: 9lbs

    s/c: BHC and some "real" ones (the icky painful kind). Serious pelvic pain and pressure, with cramps almost constantly. I am so hoping this is a good sign. Come on out Junior!

    other: U/S on Wednesday to check on growth, if he is still gigantor baby we will be induced next week. Holy cow!

    next d/a: Weds U/S and Thurs NST and OB check
    Morgan (24) DH (29) 2 Furchildren - Isis (meow) Cleopatra (woof) 1 Darling Angel Baby Safia Lee 07/27/10
    BFP 03/01/11 - EDD 11/11/11 BLUE TEAM - Zachary Lane! Yay for little boys!
    mam546 responded:
    Melissa and Baby

    13 weeks 5 days

    w/g 5 lbs

    s/c: Feeling a bit better now since the 2nd trimester is here. Less nausea and alot less food aversions. Sciatic pain still here and I think I'm starting to feel baby move but still very faint. Belly is getting big enough (2nd baby) for people to outwardly ask if I'm pregnant.

    Other: Going to the in-laws this weekend. My mother in-law knows but DH's grandmother we need to tell. She should be excited for another great gran baby. Also DS is so super excited for Halloween now that he's more aware of it at almost 3 yo.

    Next d/a : Nov 9th just a belly check
    earleyml1012 responded:
    Michelle & Katelyn

    40wks 5days

    w/g: 25lbs

    s/c: Mostly just back, hip, and leg pain. Still just BHC and no real ones since I visited the hospital last week with the baby scare.

    other: Today is my appointment when they'll discuss induction and the nurse said the OB will strip my membranes to see if that jump starts labor. When I was 40 wks with DD they did this and I went into labor the following day, so maybe since I'm further along I'll go into labor sooner!?! Anyway, we're hoping to have a baby by Thursday.

    next d/a: Today (10/25) at 1:40pm Eastern Time
    Me (28) DH (28) DD (12/6/08) EDD (10/21/11) Pink Team!
    BethAnn88 responded:
    Beth Ann & Baby


    w/g: -2lbs

    s/c: Finally getting past the m/s! Yay! It's great being able to eat normal food again! Still having some lingering nausea, especially in the mornings. But SO MUCH better than it was. The best news, however..... I'm starting to feel some flutters! I first started feeling them a few weeks ago, but wasn't sure if it was really baby or not. But it's happening more and more, so I'm pretty sure it is! So exciting!

    other: Looking forward to my doc appt later this week. It's been 4 long weeks since my last appt, which feels like forever.

    Next d/a: OB appt 10/27.
    Me(30) DH(31) Two angel babies, m/c 5/11/09 (10wks), m/c 6/28/11 (5wks), Surprise BFP 7/22/11!!! EDD 4/2/12
    Smithc27 responded:
    Yay for labor watches, finding out genders, and less morning sickness!!! J

    Charlotte and Baby Girl


    w/g: not exactly sure, but around 12lbs(we really need a bathroom scale!)

    s/c: The heartburn is finally starting to decrease a little bit, which is good. Tums were my best friend there for a few weeks! Have started to notice middle to lower back pain more often, especially if I'm sitting for too long. I've also been struggling with a kind of restless leg syndrome, if I'm riding in a car for a long time, and —worse- right before bed. Other than that, still feeling pretty good, and feeling my baby girl kick and move ALL the time (busy, just like her daddy!).

    Other: MIL sent me an email yesterday, because she heard about the new study released regarding BPA in food packaging, and how it affects little girls. They don't even know what products pose the biggest threat or EXACTLY what it does. This may sound mean, but I was more annoyed by it than I probably should have been. I am cautious, and concerned about her health, but you cannot avoid everything! I told DH that he can't put me in a bubble for the remainder of my pg, he suggested putting me in a giant sized hamster ball (and then rolling me down a hill)"026 hilarious. (Sorry for the vent!) On another note, a friend borrowed my horses for a collegiate show last weekend, and every time I climbed up to work one, he came over and offered to do it for me. Bless his heart, he said I made him nervous every time I mounted up! Lol Life doesn't end when you're preggo!

    Next d/a: next Tuesday, Nov 1st (OB didn't say anything about it, but I'm suspicious that I may have to do the glucose test at this, or the next one )
    ~Charlotte(26), DH(27), Furry child Gin (Aussie), M/C 3/2/2011, BFP 6/6/2011 EDD 2/12/2012, Pink Team!
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Late update for me as I am still in Wisconsin on a business trip and I don't have a fancy phone to update people on lol. I don't come home till really late tomorrow.

    Yay for some happy healthy births! And others getting really close.

    Heather and baby


    w/g: as of dr appt last thur 1.2lb

    s/c: still having m/s but not quite as bad. Still have to take phenegran atleast once or twice a day or i get sick. ps never get sick with cheesy brocolli soup (sorry tmi but you will regret it if you do).Round ligament pain off and on, on my left side mostly.

    other: finishing up my last trip to wisconsin for a while. I learned that I will get to find out what I am having the week of thanksgiving. Yay. Still haven't told the rest of the family yet or many friends. I want to tell my father first. I plan to send him a card with one of the u/s pictures inside. And then I think I will tell everyone else after that. This will be his first biological gandbaby (my sis was adopted into the family so she has 2 with one on the way but other than that no babies. And my brothers wife can't have children from what I heard). Looking forward to finding out what I am having.

    next d/a: nov 10 (a week early because my ob will be on vacation the following week when I was supposed to come in).
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Green team. Hope this LO will stick

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