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    Cael Ryan Birth Story!
    noelle1225 posted:
    Short version: Cael Ryan came into this world at 4:20am, Tuesday October 25th. 7lbs 15 oz. 19 inches long.

    Long version:
    As you ladies know they swept my membranes on Monday because my BP was high and they wanted to try and move things along so I could hopefully deliver at the center instead of the hospital. Well, it worked! By 5pm I was having the same kind of ctx I had been for weeks. Nothing painful, nothing extremely consistent, ranging from 5 to 12 min apart. By 7pm they had had gotten closer, 3-4 min apart when I was up and moving so I tried to lay down for a nap. That slowed them down, but they were too strong for me to actually doze off so I got back up and hung out with DH.
    At 9pm DH was getting pretty sure this was it so we both laid down to see if it slowed them down again. They only slowed for a few min then were right back to 3-4 min and getting stronger. We called the MW at 10 and told her what was going on and she said it sounded like very early labor and to stay home for an hour or two if we felt comfortable, but to call her cell and she would meet us at the birth center whenever we wanted (she was closer than us).
    DH started packing everything in the care and was all nervous and excited, I was very calm. Just laying in bed trying to rest up for a long night ahead. I started using my hypnosis for a little relaxation any time I felt too much excitement sneaking in. At about 11 I found myself vocalizing through my ctx, long open, calming sounds and DH couldn't get me in the car fast enough bc he wasn't sure how long we had. Cute!
    Got to the center at 11:45 and at midnight I was sitting on the exam table for MW to check me and I said I was sorry but thought I had pee'd on myself. I didn't think it was my water bc there wasn't much, but when I laid back and another ctx hit the flood commenced. At midnight, my water had spontaneously ruptured and I was 3 cm, only one more than I was at the morning apt. I told MW my mother had fast labors as she helped us to my birthing room.
    The doula got there just before one and I thought I needed to use the bathroom. I was sitting there and suddenly my "AHHHHHH, OHHHHH" vocalization went, "UHHHHHHHH!" I couldn't help it. I said I felt pushy, but it seemed impossible. The MW got me in bed to check (I hadn't gotten in the tub yet bc it can slow down labor and I had only been 3 cm, they like you to wait till 5) At 1am when she checked me, an hour after the first time, I was 9.5 cm. I only had an anterior rim left. I said, "Can I please get in the tub now?" lol. MW made fast calls and the other MWs and nurses started pouring in along with my step-mom.
    Meanwhile, I'd gotten in the tub and was rocking on hands and knees. By 2am, he was crowning.
    Noelle(27) Hubby (27) One MC @ 8.5wks July 2010. 2 Kitties and 2 Dogs. Yay for furry kisses! Cael Ryan due Oct. 21, 2011! Blue Team!
    noelle1225 responded:
    This is where it got interesting. No matter how hard I pushed he didn't really move, but he wasn't moving back either and I had proven from the beginning that I was pushing very effectively. After he stayed crowning for 10 or 15 min, they asked me to get out of the tub, bc it's not a safe place to deliver if it looks like a tight fit. I waddled to the bed with a head between my legs! I pushed on my back for a while. Nothing. I asked to move around and started rolling from one side to the other between ctx. This helped a little but not much. Then the MW said she could do an episiotomy bc the only thing they could see in the way was my perineum, but his HR was great and if I didn't want to at this point I didn't have to. I said as long as his HR was good I would rather not do that. She was a little surprised bc I'd been crowning for about 2 hours at that point! I just kept saying , "I can do this!" and then everyone in the room would say, "You can! You are! You will! It was wonderful support.
    A few min later my nurse who was a rockstar, grabbed a mirror for me. Once I could see the top of his head I managed to get about 2 more inches out, but then was stuck again for a bit. Stuck, but I ould look down and see his head even without the mirror. Then it just happened, his head came out and the reason for the delay became apparent. Cael's shoulders had never turned in the birth canal. I managed to push him out, past my ischial spines, and down the canal, the whole way, with his shoulders lined up with my legs rather than towards my back and belly like most babies. Even though his head wasn't posterior, his shoulders were sideways in optimal birthing terms! They were shocked, but it made things a lot clearer.
    In the end, I got my natural delivery without a single tear. I turned down the offer of an episiotomy to make it go faster, and am so glad I did bc he was stuck further up by his shoulders and wouldn't have helped. I never cried, I never cursed and screamed. I never knew that everyone in the room was wondering how in the heck I was doing it.Though I didn't use my hypnosis the way I thought I would, I do believe it was the reason that I truly never registered the pressure as pain. I just went with what my body needed to do and though he crowned for about 2.5 hrs, he was born less than 4 hours after we got to the birthing center and my water broke. I said please and thank you for every sip of water and apologized when I needed someone to help hold my top leg each time I rolled to a side to push. (They kept saying "don't apologize" of course but I just didn't see a need to be rude. Lol)
    Noelle(27) Hubby (27) One MC @ 8.5wks July 2010. 2 Kitties and 2 Dogs. Yay for furry kisses! Cael Ryan due Oct. 21, 2011! Blue Team!
    noelle1225 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Cael was born at 4:20 am. His APGARS were 8 then 9. The MW had thought he would be a dainty 6.5 lbs when she felt my belly when I got there and when he slid out she said, I think this is an 8 lb baby! Where were you hiding him?
    I've had very minimal bleeding and swelling. No tears just a small "skid mark", the birth equivalent to a scraped knee, and no hemorrhoids. They told me I won the award for both the longest crowning in birth center history, and the most polite and pleasant laboring woman in center history!My back muscles are still sore, but nothing a little ibuprophen won't fix. My milk came in and though Cael is tongue tied (getting it clipped on Monday) he has nursed very effectively and I'm only mildly tender.
    My birth did not go long, quiet, and ending in the tub, but it was so beautiful. Absolutly perfect. If I had been is a hospital, despite his perfect HR, I would have very likely been pressured towards a c-section, or at the very least ended up with a huge episiotomy and having my son physically yanked out of my body. I can't say how grateful I am that I was instead surrounded by a group of women (and DH of course) who were willing to believe me every time I said I can do this, and were honest with me the whole time rather than trying o frighten me into what most people would have thought necessary and acceptable.
    Sorry it took so long ladies, but it wasn't until today that I could stand to put him down long enough to type it out for you. Thank you all for supporting me through this pregnancy as faithfully as my birth team did at Cael's birth. Oh, and just so you know, he has a full head of dark hair and looks exactly like his daddy.
    Noelle(27) Hubby (27) One MC @ 8.5wks July 2010. 2 Kitties and 2 Dogs. Yay for furry kisses! Cael Ryan due Oct. 21, 2011! Blue Team!
    LynnaeMarie responded:
    That's so wonderful Noelle!!! I'm so glad you were able to have the natural birth you wanted. (now, hopefully my turn in the next few days. I'm getting excited for my MW to strip my membranes on Wed now; if he's not here first, lol).

    You are such a trooper for handling him crown for over 2hours!!! You really did make a good choice for you & Cael, your little warrior!
    Me (29) DH (35) M/C 2/2010 at 12 weeks. Bailey, Molly (pups), lots of cats. BFP 2/20/11! EDD 10/31/11! Blue team!
    noelle1225 replied to LynnaeMarie's response:
    He was the trooper! Perfect heart rate the whole time! I never. Would have gotten the delivery I wanted without that. I vocalized the whole time, but I swear it was bc it worked for me, not that it was painful. It was just an all consuming pressure. You can do it Lynnae. I swear I kept thinking it would get worse but it didnt. It was always bearable bc I was working with my body and doing what I needed to do. I didn't even realize it was a "hard" delivery until they told me how amazing it was. It all a mind thing and as long as you get that in order, you can do absolutely anything! I loved my delivery and will do it again next time. Though I'll go to the center earlier bc if Cael hadn't come with his shoulders the wrong way, he would have been out less than an hour and a half after we got to the center... And I seriously thought we were leaving too early! Crazy for a first labor even when you factor in the four hrs and twenty min we really were there. I am also grateful my bp dropped enough that they didn't have to transfer me. We were truly blessed. One mw did tell at the end to get mad. I told her I didn't want to get mad about it, she smiled and said I was awesome and how about just getting determined. I smiled and said I was good with that and asked her to get ready bc I was about to push lol.
    Noelle: PAL GRAD!!! 10/25/2011 Cael Ryan
    hgreenwood7058 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Thats such a great birth story. Not exactly to the needle how you wanted it but you still got your natural birth with no large cuts or anyone pressuring you into doing things you didn't want to do. That is a huge thing. And OY on the crowning for two hours. You are super woman lol. I wouldn't have wanted to put him down either. I am glad you guys are doing great and things are going well. Interesting on the tongue tied thing. Best wishes and CONGRATS!
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Green team. Hope this LO will stick
    Babyhopes614 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Congrats Noelle! The pics are so beautiful, so glad you have your baby boy
    Jennifer(24) DH(27) M/C 10/12/2010 at 6 weeks. BFP 12/27/2010 EDD 9/13/2011. PINK TEAM~Parker Anne. Sched induction 9/8
    noelle1225 replied to Babyhopes614's response:
    Thanks guys. The strange thing is I didn't have a hard labor from my perspective. I didn't even know how unusual it was until after and I still look back and think it was pressure, not pain. I never felt the "ring of fire" and it wasn't my last bit of energy to get him out, I feel like I could have kept pushing forever if I had needed to:) I will absolutely plan it exactly the same way next time! And I'm sure that birth will have its own beautiful surprises. I suspect I would have at least had a tear if he hadn't crowned so slowly. Well that and dhs perineal massage since 36w.
    Noelle: PAL GRAD!!! 10/25/2011 Cael Ryan
    Lysana replied to noelle1225's response:
    Wow, Noelle. That was just awesome. Ahh! What a beautiful, peaceful birth! I love it!

    Congratulations - it sounds like you made some really good choices, and things worked out pretty much perfectly. I am SO happy for you!

    Would love to see pictures, too, if you can post them.
    Kelly (32) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (4.5) ~~ Joshua (3) ~~ Rebekah (1) ~~ Samuel John EDD 2/24/2012 ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011)
    BethAnn88 replied to Lysana's response:
    What a great birth story! I'm glad you got the birth you wanted. So happy everything went well and that Cael is here safe and sound! Congrats!!!!!
    Me(30) DH(31) Two angel babies, m/c 5/11/09 (10wks), m/c 6/28/11 (5wks), Surprise BFP 7/22/11!!! EDD 4/2/12
    earleyml1012 replied to BethAnn88's response:
    Congrats Noelle!! I think it's funny that I was due one day before you and you had Ceal almost 24 hrs before Katelyn came. I'm glad to hear that your birth story was what you were hoping for. Mine was too!! These little ones are a miracle and I'm so happy that I got to share our pregnancy together on these boards. Isn't being a mommy the best? Good luck with everything and I hope to catch you on the baby boards!!
    Me (28) DH (28) DD (12/6/08) EDD (10/21/11) Pink Team!
    noelle1225 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    Thank goodness Michelle. I had really hoped you would have a better time of it than with DD1. It is a fabulous feeling. I just look at him and think, "Oh yeah, I totally did that!" lol
    Noelle: PAL GRAD!!! 10/25/2011 Cael Ryan
    mrslee97658 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Yay Noelle! I love reading everyone's birth stories
    Me Ruth(27), DH (43) DS1(11), DD(8), DS2(5), DS3(4) 2 m/c 6wk, 9wk, BFP 11/23/10 EDD 8/4/11 Blue Team
    bbylove21 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Serious tears reading this !! So happy that you were able to have to birth you wanted , I think no birth ever goes without a little bit of hiccups and your sounds perfect except the 2 hours of pushing!! I bet you were amazing looking forward to seeing pics of baby Cael! Oh Hurray for no tearing it's one of the awesome thinngs that come along with crowning forever lol!.
    Adriana(21) DH(26)Furry baby Lola (3yrs old shih-pom).. mc at 9 weeks in 5/22/10 BFP!! 10/22/10 EDD 6/29/11 Yay summer baby!! Chicago is cold! Yellow team
    noelle1225 replied to bbylove21's response:
    I know right!?!?!? We plan and then we live in the moment and my moment was fantastic!!! I did push kind of spontaniously for about an hour before he started to crown. The thing about a natural birth is you feel the urge farther up the birth canal than when you have an epi and you usually don't feel it till they are knocking on the crowning door. Makes for longer pushing sometimes, but how can I complain about a 7.5 hr labor that wasn't even uncomfortable until at least 2.5 hrs in? I swear I was made for this! Sorry, still feeling a little Birth Goddess over here! lol
    Noelle: PAL GRAD!!! 10/25/2011 Cael Ryan

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    Shelley (30), DH (30), DS (05/07 - 3 yrs), DD (02/09 - 1 yr) - Both PAL Grads!! 2 m/c's (06/06 and 04/08) - #3 - EDD 11/29/10!!!!

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