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    Dr's appt update
    crys0511 posted:
    Today I am 25 wks 2 days, I am on an odd appt schedule because I started on an odd week but my next appt will be 28 weeks then every 2 weeks after that till 36 weeks then every week.

    Total weight gain for ppregnancy: 9lbs! I am so happy I have worked really hard to be healthy this time since I am already overweight so I'm hoping I only gain 9 more. I mean obviously I'm not dieting or anything just only drinking water with the exception of a glass of milk or juice a day and tryin, really really hard, to limit the junk food intake.

    Baby Morgan is moving like crazy, heart rate is 146. TMI alert- I have been having clear discharge from my nipples but the Dr said that's normal my one hormone level is probally higher than previous pregnancy because this has never happened to me before.

    I am having a scheduled c-section (repeat) I asked the DR if I go into labor on my own can I still have the c-section and she said yes. It's really the birth plan I want to follow for many reasons so I hope it all works out.

    My blood pressures a little high but it's my normal range I just think I am new to this Dr she doesn't know what my normal is, so they will watch it, I had high blood pressure with DS the last 4 weeks so I figured I would get it again.

    Anyhow hope all is well with everyone!
    Crystal (29) Hubby (39) Alex (7) ~ Angel Baby ~Brooke, went to heaven 2/24/08 at 22.5 weeks, Pal baby after 3 years of TTC! EDD May 20, PINK team!!!!
    Lysana responded:
    Good update! I was on a weird appointment schedule, too. Great for the 9 lbs! I only gained about 15 with my last pregnancy, which was important because I started out close to the ending point of my first two! Yikes.

    Glad things sound like they're progressing normally, and I hope you are able to stick to the birth plan you want.
    Kelly (32) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (5) ~~ Joshua (3.5) ~~ Rebekah (1.5) ~~ Samuel John EDD 2/24/2012 ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011)
    vybe77 replied to Lysana's response:
    Hi ladies, interesting convo so I thought I would pipe in..I am also overweight starting out in this pregnancy..Ive had a problem with weight all my life and was slightly overweight for my 1st pregnancy..only gained 3 lbs the whole way through!! Second pregnancy I was slightly more overweight than the 1st and I again only gained 3-5 lbs!! With my last pregnancy I was still overweight starting out but this time, the pregnancy weight Gods were not smiling on me cause I gained a whopping 80lbs :O
    I just couldnt get around anymore..unfortunately I havent lost all of that weight yet and am now 4 weeks pregnant again and am very worried about the weight this time..I wish I wouldnt gain any more than the 1st two pregnancies but I know that is extremely you ladies have any tips on how I can watch the wight intake until I can get in to see my OB (at 12 weeks only)
    Also how dangerous is it if I watch what I eat and end up losing a few pounds?
    crys0511 replied to vybe77's response:
    I know at the begining of my pregnancy when I wanted to eat all the time I kept fruits and veggies or even low calorie snacks. It was hard because I wanted bad stuff but I kept telling myself ice cream or diabetes. I do fall off the wagon and have have my moments but I really stick to trying my best. I watched a show on Discovery Health Channel it was called Obesse and Pregnant and the one lady actually lost 25 lbs during her pregnancy and they were fine with it as long as the baby measures good they are not going to complain. I think it's better for your health as long as the baby is on track to eat healthy and lose weight as a result from that is an added bonus.

    I also gave up soda and coffe which was even harder then junk food, all I have is water or milk. I will slip 1 soda or coffee a day if I have to have it but try to keep my water bottle full all the time.

    Maybe you could see if your insurance will let you see a nutrisionist and they can help with a diet plan. I think overweight pregnancies are way more common now then before and the Drs are more equipped to help us get through them healthy.

    I wish you the best and a happy and healthy pregnancy.
    Crystal (29) Hubby (39) Alex (7) ~ Angel Baby ~Brooke, went to heaven 2/24/08 at 22.5 weeks, Pal baby after 3 years of TTC! EDD May 20, PINK team!!!!
    vybe77 replied to crys0511's response:
    Ive already cut my soda intake to 1 a day only and since the beginning of the week Ive had 2 only so thats good compared to usual..I do not drink coffee at all..that is one thing I never liked and am happy I dont have that addiction to deal with..the junk food and fast food is my problem and it becomes a snowball problem because DF and I both work 5 nights a week (full time over night shift for the both of us) and our 3 yr old DS is a stay at home kid..we did the daycares and they turned out to be nightmares so he stays home and after this baby I plan on starting an at home daycare myself so I can be with the kids guilt free..but back to the food problem since we work nights we tend to grab fast dinners and lunches cause we just dont have all that much energy after work..a typical week for us will be for example on mondays we get home at 7:30am..its my DFs turn to stay up with DS...he will be up with him all morning until his afternoon nap..MIL will babysit him after nap until dinnertime and then I (Ive been sleeping all morning and afternoon) will get up with him at dinner and finish off the rest of the day..the nest day we switch roles and so on til fridays..lets just say on friday nights, at our house, there isnt any hoopla going on once the kids are in bed, mommy and daddy are in bed at almost the same time
    ..having another BB will slow us down some and that will be good..
    So in part the bad food intake is caused by scheduling but I plan on spending grocery funds for this week way differently than I usually do..gotta think of the bun now

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