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***GTKYFP*** 2/23
bethann88 posted:
Today's Question: This is really off topic, but when watching the news and looking out my window, it sure seems that we've all been getting some really bizarre weather this year. So I was wondering what the weather has been like this winter where you live?

I'm in Ohio and we've been having a very mild winter so far. Normally it gets cold in Dec and it doesn't warm up until late Feb. But this year it's kind of been like a yoyo... One day it'll be below freezing, then a few days later it's 60 degrees. Very weird. We've also gotten a ton of rain but hardly any snow. I'm not complaining about the lack of snow, I don't care for the stuff. But usually we get a few big snowstorms every year. This year, we've had a few dustings, and once got about an inch, but that's been it. That's not normal for here at all! I'm really afraid we'll pay for it eventually and get pounded with horrible weather yet. But for now, we have daffodils in our yard that are trying to bloom.
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nicram8683 responded:
Funny you would post this today, as we have a 2 hr delay due to snow at my daughters school, which messes up my whole day, so I am in my pjs messing on the computer instead of getting ready to go to work

I am southern Colorado, and our weather is so unexplainable, but so normal for this area. Yesterday we were almost 60 degrees & very windy. Woke up this morning to about 2-3 in of snow & blizzard conditions, which resulted in the delay and several road closures. We have only had snow 3 or 4 times, but each time was a lot. But we have had a lot more days in the 50's & 60's. By Sat its supposed to be almost 60 again. Ugh its like whiplash.

Can not wait until April when we move to Arizona and I can enjoy warm weather all the time, and no snow delays!!
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nicram8683 replied to nicram8683's response:
Oh let me update, lol. As I was typing, the district updated to Closed. So no school today. Which means I now have to call off work. Oh the joys!
Nicole(28)Mike(30) 7yr old DD
Diagnosed MFIF June 2011 after 27 months no BC(12 months active trying)
BFP: 8/2011 M/C @ 6 weeks 9/2011
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MaryKate167 responded:
Our weather here in MN has been so weird. Where we live, about 10 minutes north of the Twin Cities, we've had a grand total of 4 inches of snow ALL YEAR. I feel like I lied to my son during hte first snowfall when I told him we'd get plenty of snow.

We have hardly had any weather below freezing. What little snow we get melts the next day beacuse it gets up to 40*. My BFF in Ohio was pissed because they've had more snow than we have! LOL!

I'm not complaining one bit...but I know that we're in for the blizzard oft he century on April 30th because of it!
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jedmonds12 responded:
I live in the Portland, OR area and we've had some strange weather this winter, too. We don't usually get snow, and if we do, it dusts us one day, melts immediately, and that's that. We got our dusting this year, and since then it's been unseasonably warm. We had two weeks with 60-degree days and no rain (very odd for this time of year). I think the local forecaster said we're close to our record low rainfall level for this winter.
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htots replied to jedmonds12's response:
Hey Julie I am from the Portland area!! Currently not living there but our baby will be born this summer back in Oregon. I have heard you guys are getting some warmer weather.

We currently are living way up in Northern British Columbia and it is cold here!! We had a week of weather in the negatives, wind chill making it -30! Yikes! It was miserable! But now the snow is slowly melting away and I am looking forward to warmer weather. Up until a few weeks ago the snow in our front yard was taller than we are!
hgreenwood7058 replied to htots's response:
eep on the -30! I live in Washington State and the weather here for the last 2-3 years has been odd. We had more snow in january than we did in december (there was a few dustings in december...maybe two) and then its snowed for like 3-4 days straight over a foot of snow on two or three seperate occassions in january. So far there has been maybe a dusting of snow once this month and then a couple times where it was freezing rain and snow mixed. We have had more rain than snow this winter. And its gotten to almost 50 here. It was pretyt cold in december though which is prob why there wasn't snow but definately not complaining. I am not a snow person and I am nervous to drive normally right now let alone with snow on the ground (bad drivers plus my belly is like 1.5inches away from the steering wheel and I can't go back any further because I won't be able to reach the pedals). Bring on spring!
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lilistars_mama replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
I live in Nashville and our winter has been awesome! We moved here to get away from the cold and snow in Iowa and this winter was perfect. I think the coldest day had a high around 35. Today it was 75 degrees and sunny. Of course tonight that means crazy tornado weather to get back down to tomorrow's high of 45. Brrr!
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