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    Monday Updates 2/27
    Lysana posted:
    Kelly & Samuel


    w/g: Ummm...honestly, stopped paying attention. Around 30 lbs? LOL, who cares, at this point?

    Symptoms: More of the same, mostly. Nasty heartburn, it's now too much for my sad little Zantac pills, although it's still MUCH better with them than without! Hip pain sometimes, but not too bad. Lots of movement. Honestly, for being 3 days past my EDD, I don't have much to complain about, you know, other than BEING 3 days past my EDD! LOL! I've felt great the past few days!

    I will say, though...I thought I was going into labor yesterday. I had contractions that felt like early labor contrax with Bekah, but they were REALLY sporadic, because they went away every time I got distracted - and I had the older kids (with my mom) most of the day because Craig was sick. But, I'd say we're definitely on the downhill slope...I am pretty confident it'll be sometime this week. I just hope it's before Thursday. I don't know why, but I REALLY want a February baby, at this point!

    Other: SO, Craig was sick yesterday with suspected food poisoning. He was really nauseated in the morning, and poor guy still led all the singing at church (including a choir special!) When we got home, he went straight to bed, and Mom and I took the kids out to lunch so they wouldn't be pounding on the floor like elephants above our bedroom (THANK GOODNESS Mom was here! But poor Mom, she was planning to go back yesterday to get a few things she forgot - it would have been safe, but now we kind of feel like it's not "safe" for her to leave). Anyway, when we got home, I checked on him, and he wasn't all that nauseated anymore, but he had one of those headaches that pounds in severe pain every time you move (BOY do I know those!) So he stayed in bed...all day. Poor guy.

    Food poisoning. At least it's not contagious, right? But then...Joshua started crying in the middle of the night. Craig went up to him, because he'd been sleeping all day and most of the night and felt fine at that point, whew. Turns poor little guy had thrown up all over his bed. it is sounding less like food poisoning and more like a stomach bug. YIKES. Just what we need! Praying that isn't the case...Craig actually thinks it's Joshua's cough that caused it.

    Next d/a: Today at 2. I'm going to ask my midwife to strip my membranes. I'm not sure it'll make any difference, never has before, but since I'm already showing signs of labor, maybe it'll get things going.

    After that, I'm hoping to go for a pedicure + leg massage. Oooh. But I need to call and find out whether anyone has openings...and before that, I need to make sure Craig is okay with keeping the kids if Mom and I both go.

    Soooo...that is my lengthy update. I don't usually do these, and maybe this is why - I write too much! 4,000 characters max, and I only have 1129 left!
    Kelly (33) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (5) ~~ Joshua (3.5) ~~ Rebekah (1.5) ~~ Samuel John EDD 2/24/2012 ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011)
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Kelly - LOL @ your marathon update But not complaining! I liked reading it. Hoping you don't get a stomach bug... that combined with labor would be NOT good.

    Julie & Bug


    w/g: down 5 lbs (yay!)

    s/c: Nausea and breast tenderness that both come and go. And I'll feel totally sick and think all food sounds gross and then literally 2 minutes later I'm starving and want to eat everything. Oh and my boobs are bigger! Yay!

    Other: Not a whole lot... in a holding pattern at work waiting to see what the new ownership will bring. I should get my tax refund this week, so that's nice... DH and I decided on a few little things to splurge on, and have a plan figured out for which debts to get rid of, and how much will go into savings, so that's pretty exciting.

    Next d/a: April 2 for our first-tri genetic screening and u/s
    Julie (28) DH (35).
    ^i^ May 2010
    PAL grad Kawika born 4/25/11
    EDD 10/7/12
    hopefulk77 responded:
    Kelly - that bug sounds just awful, really hoping it skips you, and I hope you do have the LO by the end of Feb

    Julie - the joys of the first trimester Hoping the tax break is a good one!

    Kirsty & baby boy

    22wks 5days

    w/g: 1lb

    s/c: Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome - fun times! I wake at night with swollen hands and numb fingers It should disappear after birth though thankfully. I now take my rings off at night just incase. Heartburn is still a beast, but the tablets are helping, will most likely switch to something stronger next month.

    Other: Picked up some paint swatches for the nursery, trying to plan out how it will be when finished but I have so many ideas! Will most likely paint by end of March, and planning on getting furniture by end of March, so then April can be assembly, and then relaxation time till LO arrives
    K (34), DH (35), TTC 1 Since Oct 08, M/C Jun09 (10wks), Chemical May11. IVF1: BFP Oct 17th EDD 28June2012 Blue team :D
    hgreenwood7058 replied to hopefulk77's response:
    Kelly- I am getting inpatient here lol. Sounds like you are doing well and maybe the stripping will help since you are showing signs of early labor. Bleh on the sickness in the household. There has been a few viruses and things that keep circulating where I work (I now work in a smaller building full of cubicles and so it just keeps going around and around). I hope you get to have your feb baby as well. And as far as marathon post I have done posts where i need to sets of posts to fit everything I want to say lol.

    Julie- yay for tax return

    Kristy: thats exciting for painting. boo on the carpal tunnel though. I get pinched nerves at night so my arm and hand will go completely number but thats the closes i get.

    Heather and Carson


    w/g: grrr (31lb.. I went up 7lb in two weeks but part of that may be explained below. still sucks though).

    s/c: heartburn is getting worse again boo. breaking out like a teenage boy. I am leaking a little bit of colostrum. And since tuesday I started developing edema quite a lot on my left foot,ankle and mid point on my shin as well as a little bit on the right side. This is part of the reason the dr thinks I had such a huge weight gain in a short time. I have been trying to keep my feel elevated as possible. Almost two full days of not hardly doing anything but keeping my feet off the floor and that seemed to help because I can almost see my ankle bone now. She told me I have a marshmellow foot lol. And to try support stockings to see if that will help (how the heck do you put support stockings on when you have a hard enough time putting on socks!)

    Other: Note to self. Don't try to bowl at almost 33 weeks pregnant. While the throwing the ball down the lane was fine (once I figured out how to balance and not fall over) my hips have been killing me it started during the 1st game and we played 4 games and then by the time we were finished and got home and sat down I could barely walk when I would try to get up. And the pain has been like that ever since. If I don't move at all I don't do to bad but everytime i move or have to stand/walk it feels like my legs are being cut off my a saw or something. ouch. (makes for a very painful night when you haev to go to the bathroom a lot). So needless to say very very very sore.

    Next d/a:Breast Feeding Class 2/28 and birthing classes every monday (except today until 3/19) and OB March 7th.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Team Blue!. Hope this LO will stick
    MaryKate167 responded:
    @Kelly: That was DEFINITELY not one of your marathon updates. I've seen those before! I'm still saying Leap Year Baby like I have from day one!

    Mary and Yellow Team Baby
    w/g: probably close to even now.

    s/c: Gall Bladder pain. Finally on a painkiller that's working (It BETTER work, it was locked in the safe at the pharmacy).

    Heartburn. Hip pain. Still feeling nauseous. I think all of you who said it goes away are liars!

    Other: Had my DS's 5th birthday party on Saturday. 45 people at our house. WTF was I thinking? Jack had a blast and it turned out great! However, I am still exhausted. DBF and I were so tired, we were in bed at 8:45 on Saturday night!

    Next d/a: I go in on March 7th, but we'll have an appointment before that to find out about hte spinal abnormalities. Ugh!
    Mary (30), DBF, Josh (28). PAL DS, Jack (2/2/2007), 4 angel babies. Expecting our miracle: 7/12/12 - Yellow Team!
    bethann88 responded:
    Beth Ann & Baby Boy


    w/g: 22lbs.

    s/c: Feeling okay. Just generally uncomfortable, tired and getting increasingly more anxious to meet my little man.

    other: Had my first shower over the weekend. It was so much fun! It was also very humbling to see how generous people can be. I still have another one in two weeks. I think by the time LO gets here, we'll be well stocked with everything baby!

    Also had a doc appt this morning. Didn't go as well as I'd hoped, though. Little man is measuring a week behind so they're doing another u/s later this week. They want to make sure there's no growth restrictions. Trying not to worry about it. All of my mom's babies were small so it wouldn't be a huge surprise if mine are too.

    35 more days until EDD

    Next d/a: 3/1 - growth scan. 3/5 - OB appt

    Kelly - looking forward to that birth story!! I agree with Mary that you'll get that leap day baby!! Really hope don't you don't end with that nasty bug. That would NOT be fun!

    Julie - Hope everything works out okay with your job. Yay for the refund, though. That's always a nice little bonus.

    Kirsty - Have fun decorating the nursey!

    Heather - Boo to the swelling!! Keep those feet up. And sorry bowling was so hard on you. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Mary - So good to hear that you're finally getting some pain relief. And glad your DS had such a nice birthday party!
    Me(30) DH(32) Two angel babies, 5/11/09 (10wks), 6/28/11 (5wks).
    Surprise BFP 7/22/11!!! - EDD 4/2/12 - Blue Team
    htots responded:
    Hannah and baby


    w/g: about 8 pounds

    Symptoms: Getting some energy back from first trimester nastiness. As of lately my breasts have been killing me! They are always so sore. I have always been busty so now I feel like Dolly Parton! Had some round ligament like pain over the weekend which wasn't very pleasant either.

    But overall this pregnancy has been pretty smooth! I feel pretty lucky so far.

    Other: Having a bit of a panic/overwhelmed/stress attack today. I need to vent a bit...So next month hubby and I are leaving for a wedding across the country. Won't be too bad I will be mid-second trimester and we have been looking forward to a little bit of a vacation. BUT this summer when I hit my third trimester I am moving back home to deliver our baby close to family. My husband will be transferred home before the baby comes in August. I will be without him all summer and will be in a wedding in July and have another wedding reception the week before the baby is due! Then two months after baby comes I am in another wedding! This being my first pregnancy I don't really know what to expect. Between all the weddings and showers this summer I am just having a bit of an overwhelmed moment. I am so excited to get to be celebrating with everyone. Just wondering what it will be like at 8 months preggo!

    Wish me luck!
    codysu responded:
    Cody & baby


    w/g: approx. 12lbs

    Symptoms: Having been having hip pain and RLP, and my lower back has been hurting lately. I am hoping to start getting some exercise in to help with the pains. Otherwise, feeling pretty good.

    Other: We have our anatomy scan tomorrow! I know it is early, we were so disappointed that we didn't get an u/s at the 16w appt, so we scheduled the anatomy scan with a MFM and they do them early since they have better machines. So we hope to find out the sex tomorrow!!

    I know I haven't posted much lately, but I do check in on you ladies. I am a tax manager for an engineering firm, so this is my busy time of year. So I haven't had a lot of time to write, but I've been trying to keep up with everybody. I promise I'll try to do better! I have also had a few trips this month, and lots of company, so it's just been a busy year so far. Hopefully things will calm down in the next few months.

    Kelly I am looking forward to your birth story! I hope you get your February baby!

    Julie yay for your refund! I haven't even started my taxes yet.

    Kirsty how exciting to start the nursery!! I woke up with a numb hand the other night...then read the next day it was a pg symptom. All these new symptoms I never knew about!

    Heather I'm sorry about the swelling. I hope it goes down soon. My friend has edema from having a lymphnode removed, and she gets special massages that help your body reabsorb the swelling. Do you think you could do that for your swelling?

    Mary I'm glad you are feeling better.

    Beth Ann I can't believe you are getting so close now! So exciting!!

    Hannah good luck with all of your weddings! Sounds super busy for you.
    IVF 1 Nov-10, m/c at 6wks, IVF2 BFP 11-11-11! EDD 7-26-12!!
    kerrymh replied to hopefulk77's response:
    Scarlet Ann is here! born Feb 20, 6:50 am. 8lbs 3oz, 20 inches long. She is perfect in every way and mommy and daddy are elated.
    I havent been on here much lately- sorry!

    More on her birth story soon.
    Kerry (34) DH (38) MC 2004, Ectopic 2011, BFP June 17th! EDD Feb 28, 2012, Team Pink!
    nicram8683 responded:
    Nicole & Baby Trevor

    23 weeks

    w/g: -3 lbs. Put on almost 2 pounds this last week. I am sure I will break into the pretty soon

    s/c: Crazy as it sounds, nothing really bad here. I have the occasional stretching pains. A bit of swelling in my feet and ankles, but not enough to raise concern just yet. Have had some lower back pain occasionally.

    other: Hubby gets back in less then 30 days, I can not wait. My 1 dog is stressing me out beyond belief. He peed today in his kennel, after he had already been out, ugh. Not sure I am going to be able to get down on my hands & knees and clean up after him much longer. Plus he barks so much, I am afraid that it will not work well with a baby. We are considering finding him a good home here in CO and not moving him with us to AZ. Our other dog is so great, she is amazing, I wish they were both so good. Told my mom on the phone that the 1st word the baby is going to know is "quiet" or "Harley" (dogs name) because I feel like I say that a million times a day because he just barks and misbehaves all the time. Ugh, got stressed just typing about it, lol

    next d/a: 3/13 then only 1 more appointment in CO, then I will have to very quickly find a new OB in AZ at 33 weeks
    Nicole(28)Mike(30) 7yr old DD
    Diagnosed MFIF June 2011 after 27 months no BC(12 months active trying)
    BFP: 8/2011 M/C @ 6 weeks 9/2011
    BFP: 10/2011 EDD 06/25/2012
    hgreenwood7058 replied to codysu's response:
    Cody how exciting and thats not a bad time to get an u/s. I have read and been told that between 18-22 weeks is the best time to get an u/s done for anatomy. I am excited for you.

    The swelling isn't as bad I have gotten it to go down by not being on my feet to long. The pain in my hips is a lot worse than the swelling. Don't go bowling this far along. lol. Its worse than when I walked an entire marathon (with very large blisters on my heels). Everytime I walk it feels like my body tries to go into shock and i shake a bit from it and the lovely pain. Bleh. Hopefully it will get better soon.Best wishes ladies.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Team Blue!. Hope this LO will stick
    lilistars_mama responded:
    I love reading everyone's reminds me of everything I have to look forward .

    Alicia & the bean
    9w today (we have passed the point where I had my m/c with my first relieved!)

    s/c: still nausea - the Zofran still helps a little bit but man alive am I ready to be done with that. Breasts are swollen and sensitive and sometimes really sore and apparently they have started leaking a little bit already

    other: we are starting to think about how we are going to get in to a bigger house before the baby comes. Our house was flooded in 2010 so we most likely won't be able to sell it. We are busting at the seams with just the three of us though so we may have to rent it. That is going to be quite a process I am guessing.

    next d/a: 3/6 - one week! This will be my official new OB appt even though we have already had to u/s. We will have another one when we go in this time too. Yay!
    Alicia (32), Cody - DH (31), Liliana - DD (4) angel baby m/c @ 8w 7/14/06

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