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    MelBrody posted:
    Hello all, nice to meet everyone. My name is Melissa and I have been on the TTC after loss board for 6 months. I am finally pregnant! I am about 5 1/2 weeks now. I wondered if you ladies could answer a question or rather sooth a concern I am having. As I am sure you all have felt I am very nervous about losing this baby as well and am examining every little thing! Well, I dont have a lot of symptoms yet but the one I did have was nipple tenderness. Well in the last couple of days it seems to be fading... Has anyone had that happen before and it turned out ok? Thanks for all your input.
    codysu responded:
    Hi Melissa! Congrats again to you! That is funny that you mentioned this. I was feeling really down thinking that our IVF didn't work, then woke up one morning and my breasts were very tender...that morning I got my first BFP. And like you, that seemed to fade but then came back later on in the 1st tri (and I still have breast pain occasionally even now). I think it is totally normal to have some symptoms come and go. I did not have any m/s either, so it was quite a nerve racking 12 weeks, but so far everything is going fine. I am very happy for you and hope that everything works out this time. Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way!!
    IVF 1 Nov-10, m/c at 6wks, IVF2 BFP 11-11-11! EDD 7-26-12!!
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Hi Mel! Glad to see you over here I've also had symptoms come and go with both pregnancies. It's normal, but worrying. Try to stay positive and know you've got tons of support here. Wishing you a H&H 9 months and sending lots of sticky baby dust your way!!
    Julie (28) DH (35).
    ^i^ May 2010
    PAL grad Kawika born 4/25/11
    EDD 10/7/12
    htots responded:
    I too have had symtoms come and go through the whole pregnancy and baby is doing fine

    Totally understand your worries!
    MtnPrincess responded:
    Welcome and Congrats! I'm also just a little over 5 weeks. Usually, in my experience, there aren't a lot of symptoms until 6ish weeks. I have very mild m/s right now, and some stretching in my uterus, but that's it. Yes, symptoms can come and go. But it's SO hard not to analyze everything! I've done it every pregnancy. Hugs and sticky vibes!!
    MelBrody replied to MtnPrincess's response:
    Thanks for easing my fears everyone! I needed to be talked off the ledge a little bit. It does worry me with my pretty much only symtom fading. But as long as there is no bleeding I will try and stay calm. I just cant help but worry lol. 6 weeks is right around the corner so I hope for some morning sickness. Its funny how you hope for puking lol. My first OB appointment is not until Thanks again ladies!
    bethann88 responded:
    Great to see you here Mel! Congrats on your BFP! I too had symptoms come and go early on and then at 7 weeks, morning sickness hit with a vengence! I know t's really hard not to worry but hang in there. Sending you lots and lots of sticky baby vibes!
    Me(30) DH(32) Two angel babies, 5/11/09 (10wks), 6/28/11 (5wks).
    PAL Grad, DS born 3/30/12

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    37yr. 19yr DS born 91. 95 M/C 13yr DS born 97 from 1st marraiage. Remarried Sept. 26th, 2009. M/C 11/10.

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