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    HCG levels rising but not doubling?
    Anon_233932 posted:
    I have been pregnant 5 times, 4 with the assistance of a fertility specialist using clomid and trigger shots. 3 of these ended in miscarriage and the 4th ended in an ectopic. I am pregnant again and I had my hcg levels checked on the 12th and they were 65 and then on the 14th they dropped to 48. The nurse informed me that a decrease was never a good sign and that I would begin miscarrying soon. They set up another lab on the 18th and my hcg levels were 226. The nurse informed me that it was possibly me losing a twin that caused the drop from the 12 to the 14th. So, I went to the doctor yesterday (the 25th) for an ultasound, I was 6 weeks and 2 days from the date they gave me a trigger shot, they only saw the gestational sac but he said that sometimes happens, so he wanted to see me again next week. He ordered some labs for me this morning and I found out that my hcg was 632 and my progesterone was 29. The nurse said that this is not a good sign.

    I understand that HCG levels should double between 48-72 hours and mine are not doubling at that rate, more like 120 hours, so it is possible I am miscarrying again. I am not bleeding nor do I have any pains at this time, so I am just wondering if anyone has not had HCG levels double on a normal basis and the pregnancy still proceed well. I am trying not to worry, at least not yet, but it is hard to do.
    vybe77 responded:
    Lurking from TTCAL..
    First I wanted to say I am so sorry that you have been through so much..all those pregnancies and all those losses ((hugs))
    I am also sorry that you are going through this difficult time again..I will share my story with you..
    I had a m/c last summer (Aug.) where my HCG was at 215 at 6 weeks along..they said I was m/c and I started to spot the same day and I lost the pregnancy 5 days later..
    Got a BFP in Feb. again..started to spot 2 weeks seen by my OB..cervix was high and signs of bleeding (except that I was still spotting a little)..they took blood work and the results were 500..they said for a 6 1/2 week pregnancy that was low..they said m/c again..a week went by (spotting everyday) went to the ER to have a D&C (I was tired of waiting for things to move along naturally) so they took blood again and HCG was 1500 but this was a week later don't forget..they did u/s..we saw a gest. sac which measured according to LMP but no fetal pole or yolk sac..they said come back in a week..I did and the HCG had risen to 1700 (which then I knew was inadequate)..they did u/s again and this time there was a fetal pole but still no yolk sac..they didn't want to do a D&C before checking again a week later..four days later I m/c the pregnancy..
    From talking with repeated nurses and OB's I've learned that at 6 weeks your HCG should be at 1500 at least..but that does not mean that your pregnancy couldn't end up being successful..some Dr.s even told me that sometimes they will say m/c according to the facts and then it turns around positively..
    Here is the link to two charts that I was told to consult when I was asking the ladies here for help as you are:
    Remember that these are general guidelines..
    GL, I hope all turns out well..

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