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Lost after miscarriage tested positive again
MiaInAzBlue posted:
Tested Positive on Feb 27th at home... sooo many issues it was really early, many misdiagnosis thinking it was ectopic or molar miscarriage 6 sonos from Feb 24th to march 13rd,

FINALLY on march 13rd heard and saw heart beat <3 88 BPM said 6weeks 5 days

All seemed fine I noticed morning sickness and headache let up but doc said no worries...
Sudden bleeding on April 8th (10 weeks 2 days) ER saw no HB so I went next day to confirm with doctor, and no HB growth signs had stopped about two weeks prior...
DNC scheduled for April 16th BUT I started hemorrhaging April 13th (11weeks 1day) and saw the sac and baby come out, was so awful and heart breaking.

They gave me methragine and bleeding stopped April 17th, started trying again april 19th...

Now my home tests shows strong positive tonight...
Tested Positive Feb 27th
Saw HB March 13rd
Sudden bleeding April 8th (HCG 35,000)
Complete miscarriage April 13th
bleeding stopped April 17th *** Tested home PT just to see if HCG wasnt present, positive but VERY FAINT Positive line
started trying again April 19th

Confused April 29th *** Tested home PT just to see if HCG, positive but VERY STRONG Positive line

****EXTRA INFO****
I tested positive at 1 week and 3 days pregnant, Im obviously sensitive to the HCG tests, have no regular periods

(I have two children 11 and 8 and had 4 miscarriages in between the two ( but those were prior relationship DV and were brought on from assaults and duress)

SOS... Am I pregnant again or is it still the last of this, I have the same discharge I had two weeks prior to first home test, I feel lost hurt and so confused
hlvmom10 responded:
It is probably just your HCG levels, they havent gone back to normal yet. Im suprised your Dr. gave you the okay to start trying again, usually they want you to wait at least 3 cycles. And after a D&C you should have been on pelvic rest.. I was at least in march after my miscarriage at 11 weeks.

I hope all turns out well for you, and im sorry for you loss.

Things wiill get better.

hgreenwood7058 responded:
I would contact your doctor and have them do 2 hcg quant tests. Since you said one of the tests prior was only a light positive. While it could be a new pregnancy its possible that its from the previous. Only way to know is get the quant tests to test your levels and see if they are rising or falling. Hugs and Best wishes.
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