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    Diet Tips?
    MelBrody posted:
    Good Morning everyone.... Sooooooo I am a picky eater - like seriously picky. I dont like anything green.... very little veggies & only some fruit... I am a little worried my diet is not the greatest for Junior. I like chicken but thats the only meat I eat. Are their any other picky eaters out there? Any suggestions? My quesyness level has gone up quite a bit in the last couple of days and of all things I am having an aversion to chicken lol. I did make myself eat some scrambled eggs this morning though... well I am rambling. Any suggestions would be appericated.

    htots responded:
    Oh goodness during my all day morning sickness I only ate things that stayed down. I just depended on my my prenatal vitamins to give little peanut some nutrients I wasn't providing. Once I started feeling better I really try mixing fruits and veggies in with foods I enjoy. Like I always put mixed berries in my yogurt. Or a banana over some cherrios. You could try adding some peppers to your scrambled eggs. Rice was something that didn't bother me when I was sick so I would try adding some steamed veggies to it. I too don't enjoy meat but I have found that I do crave it a little more these days! Maybe you will be a lucky mama and crave some healthy veggie snacks!!

    Sorry your not feeling well. Hope it gets better soon!
    teacherbeck responded:
    Do you like smoothies??
    You can make them all kinds of different ways and tailor them to your likes...

    For me, a basic smoothie needs to have a dairy (ice cream, milk, yogurt, or frozen yogurt), fruit (I prefer strawberries and/or peaches) and 100% juice (make sure it really is 100% juice. I prefer OJ or grape, or crangrape). I also think one of the items needs to be frozen (so, when using milk or yogurt, use frozen fruit. when using frozen yogurt or ice cream you can use fresh fruit).
    I kind of eyeball everything, but if you need measurements, I'd say I used about a half cup of the dairy item, a generous serving of fruit (like maybe a few strawberries and half a banana, or big handfull of frozen peaches with a few strawberries thrown in), and about a half cup of juice. If there isn't enough liquid I add a little more milk or juice until its blending well.
    *Here's the bonus I have NOT tried this yet, but I have friends who add fresh spinach leaves (probably cut the stems off the end?) and they say you can't taste the spinach AT ALL. But it does make it very green! My blender is so basic I don't know if it would puree it enough so I haven't tried it but you could google it.
    Anyway, I made a lot of smoothies when I was pg with Juliet. It was so much like a milkshake but has a lot of vitimans in it.
    Good luck
    Becky (30) DH (37) One brand-new LO, Juliet Christine came Dec 10th (EDD was 12/27), and she is PERFECT!
    TRIGS: 1 loss (Jackson, Aug 6th '09), story in profile.

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