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    Monday Updates-6/4
    MelBrody posted:
    Happy June everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

    Melissa & Junior

    wg - up 4 pounds

    symptoms - not sleeping well, peeing alot and still pretty tired. Acne is pretty bad as well. But I am not as bloated or quesy and starting to see a little belly bump.

    other - OB appointment on Thursday yea! Gonna try to listen to the heartbeat on the doppler. And I decided to do the sono for the genetic screening, if for nothing then to just get to see the baby. Thanks for all the input on that from everyone!

    How are you ladies?
    MtnPrincess responded:
    Hi everyone! I'm back from Cabo! We had a blast. Couldn't get DD out of the water, lol!

    Kailah and Snowflake


    w/g - I think still down 5ish lbs. Wanted to weigh myself at the gym this morning, but forgot.

    symptoms - m/s from hell. I started unisom last night and so far today is my best day in over 2 weeks, so I'm hoping it continues working! I was looking at myself at the gym and was joking with a friend that I'm really looking GOOD right now, but that's not really a good thing right now, lol. I'm so exhausted from being so sick this pg, too. It's been really hard on me and I feel so much guilt about everything - DH having to step up more, the kids getting the tired, grumpy me and being worried about all my vomiting, and not enjoying this pregnancy as much as I did the others. Blah.

    other - I did get to see my midwife the day we left for Cabo. LOVE her!! She calms me down so much. She did an u/s and although we didn't get to hear the h/b on her machine, we got to see it! Babe was waving at us and wiggling around too. Made me feel a lot better so I could relax on my trip. I'm also starting to feel some little "pops" from baby. <3 Yay!!

    Next mw/a - the 13th, I think? I still need to put up my June calendar, lol. I'm still on Cabo time
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: Still down 1 lb

    s/c: Haven't had a chiro appt in almost 3 weeks and I can tell! Hips hurt, shoulders feel like they're up too high... I have an appt tomorrow afternoon though, yay! Lots of movement from baby, and having to pee all the time... and I feel like I can't empty my bladder all the way sometimes. I have to concentrate on it now.

    Other: Had an u/s this morning, Little Dude looks good! He's laying sideways, with his head toward my right side. We got some good pics of his face, and the doc was able to get the pics of what they wanted to see, and everything looks great

    Next d/a: June 18th for GTT and an OB checkup
    Julie (28) DH (35).
    ^i^ May 2010
    PAL grad Kawika born 4/25/11
    EDD 10/7/12
    cheyenne828 replied to jedmonds12's response:
    Pam and Baby N #2

    14w5d (Tues)

    w/g: Up about 6

    s/c: A little bit of cramping, tired and peeing all the time, but generally feeling pretty good! Starting to see the linea negra.

    Other: Not much! Still a little nervous about this pregnancy and need to start thinking about if we'll buy a new house and car before or shortly after baby. Both are so overwhelming to think about!

    Next d/a: June 18th with my midwife. I've got to go in next week too to get my second blood draw for the sequential screening.

    Have a great week all, I'm sorry I can't post that much.
    Pam 38, DH 39 ~ MC 1 7/7/09 ~ MC 2 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10 DD born 3/24/11 ~ Surprise BFP 3/29/12 EED 12/2/12

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