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Monday Updates 6/18
jedmonds12 posted:
Julie & Little Dude


w/g: Back to my pre-pg weight! A nice round zero! Don't be jealous, it won't last long

s/c: Have to pee all the time, my hips hurt at night so I try to sleep on my back but then I can't breathe so I'm back to one side or the other, which hurts... but I can feel LD moving ALL the time, so that's cool.

other: Am currently in the middle of my glucose tolerance test. It's the "new" 2-hour test that's supposed to be more accurate than the 1-hr, but it means I have to hang out at the lab for 2+ hours and get 3 blood draws. I'm hungry and bored and have a headache and that syrupy stuff is starting to kick in so I feel kinda buzzed.

Next d/a: In a few hours for a routine OB. The one after that is... 7/25?
Julie (28) DH (36).
^i^ May 2010
PAL grad! DS Kawika born 4/25/11
EDD 10/7/12, Blue Team!
MelBrody responded:
Good Morning!

Melissa & Junior

Hello 2nd trimester! Nothing left to do by get fat! lol.

Weight - up 4.5 pounds.

Symptoms - same as last week, crappy skin is the worse.
My belly seems rounder but not bigger, not sure when I will really start to show but I am looking forward to it.

Next OB appointment isnt until July 5th, then I get to hear the heartbeat on the doppler again. End of july I get my anatomy scan so July is gonna be an exciting month.

Julie - I am jealous! lol!

Hope everyone esle is doing well!
MtnPrincess responded:
Well, I know this is a Wednesday update, but since there's only 2, I thought I'd add mine.

Kailah and Snowflake

14w1d (today)

wg - -14lbs even after being able to eat for almost a week thanks to the unisom, I'm still losing weight! Hopefully the m/s is over with soon. :x

s/c - movement!!!! I always feel movement really early, but it's now every day, a few times a day. I'm finally starting to really believe I'm pg and this one's gonna stick. BB's still really sore, but noticed my milk ducts starting to turn white and I'm already getting some colostrum out, lol. I guess your body really prepares early with #4!

other: Love my midwife! Met her "overseer" midwife (mine is still an intern) and it was neat to see them kinda in "teacher/student" mode at my appointment. SO proud of my mw!!! (she was my doula, but she's amazingly knowledgeable and decided to take that "next step" and become a mw and we decided to join her on her journey) Her blood draw was one of the least painful I've had over the years. Heard baby's hb - in the 150's!

next mw/a - 2 weeks on July 3rd.

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