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    Monday Updates 6/25
    jedmonds12 posted:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: 1 lb

    s/c: Peeing all the time and sore hips make it hard to sleep. My skin broke out again. Passed my GD screen w/no problems, which is nice, since I've been eating pretty much everything I see lately... better get a handle on that!

    other: My 14-month old is cutting his 3rd molar and it's a tough one. We were up and down all night the last 2 nights because he couldn't sleep because his mouth hurt. Poor little fella. Getting excited for our 5-day camping trip coming up on the 9th!

    Next d/a: Routine OB on 7/25.
    Julie (28) DH (36).
    ^i^ May 2010
    PAL grad! DS Kawika born 4/25/11
    EDD 10/7/12, Blue Team!
    codysu responded:
    Cody & Hannah


    w/g approx 35 lbs

    s/c: Started having BH and some cramping the past few days. My hips hurt, and I've had swelling in my hands, feet and ankles for about a month. Still sleeping ok, but having back pain when I wake up most mornings. I think it is just going to get worse from here, but so far it hasn't been too terribly bad. I think Hannah has found my sciatic nerve again, as it hurts occasionally.

    other: We installed the car seat Sat. night, and started packing our bags. I got Hannah's bag packed (I just packed the diaper bag), and still need to pack a bag for myself. Only a month until the DD, it is getting so close now!

    Next d/a: Weds 6/27, and down to weekly appts. Next and last u/s is 7/2!!

    Sorry I have not been posting here lately. Life/work has been so busy, and some weeks I barely have time to read and check up on all of you. I promise I will do better since I only have about a month left. I hope everyone and their babes are doing great!!
    IVF 1 Nov-10, m/c at 6wks, IVF2 BFP 11-11-11! EDD 7-26-12!!
    hopefulk77 responded:
    Kirsty & Baby Boy

    39w 5d

    w/g: 38lbs

    s/c: Swelling, swelling and more swelling! Getting headaches now and lots of back pains, along with sleep issues from the random pains.

    Other: Baby is due this week! Got a NST and OB consult tomorrow and fingers crossed little one will be here by this weekend!!
    K (34), DH (35), TTC 1 Since Oct 08, M/C Jun09 (10wks), Chemical May11. IVF1: BFP Oct 17th EDD 28June2012 Blue team :D
    MelBrody responded:
    Melissa & Junior


    w/g - Up 5 pounds

    s/c - Skin still broken out bad, espically on my back. Headaches pretty bad latley. But otherwise ok.

    other - I will in the sun for a while on Saturday and it made me sick the whole rest of the weekend. I dont think I will spend many days outstide for a while. Next doctors appointment is next Thursday get to hear the heartbeat again ya! If all goes well then I will schedual my anatomy scan the end of next month. Cant wait to find out the gender!!

    Have a good week ladies!
    hopingforbaby2011 replied to MelBrody's response:
    13 wks 1 day

    w/g-nothing so far .. find out next monday

    s/c- Skin being really goofy.. Got pimples in some spots and dry spots in others lol. Sore boobs still and back. Not feeling as tired as I have been so I am thankful for that.

    other- Just nervous to hear baby's heart beat on Monday. That day cannot come soon enough. Just want that reassurance that everything is ok..

    Hope everyone has an amazing week <3
    hgreenwood7058 replied to hopefulk77's response:
    Holy COW Kristy! Can't believe your due this week. Crazy crazy how it flew by. Can't wait to hear your birth story.

    Cody- you are getting soo close!
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. Carson Lee born 3/31/12. Love this little man with all my heart
    codysu replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    I know Heather, about 3 weeks to go until the due date! And just an update for everyone, Kirsty had her baby! I think he was born yesterday, I just saw a pic of him on FB, he is too adorable!
    IVF 1 Nov-10, m/c at 6wks, IVF2 BFP 11-11-11! EDD 7-26-12!!
    hgreenwood7058 replied to codysu's response:
    Yay Kristy. Our internet is down so I don't have access to FB at the moment. We moved into the house we just bought on saturday so no tv or internet bleh.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. Carson Lee born 3/31/12. Love this little man with all my heart

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