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Monday Update 7/2
MelBrody posted:
July already!!!! Hello ladies!!

Melissa & Junior

w/g - Up 7 pounds...yikes!

syptoms - Heartburn is spiking and I am having some mild cramping/RLP here and there. The weirdest thing I have been experiancing is a tickling feeling in my belly. I dont really know if its the baby moving or not. Its around my belly button so higher than I would think that baby would be resting. It started over the weekend and I have felt it several times this morning. It literally feels like someone is lightly tickling the inside of my belly. Only last for a few moments and then gone. What do you think ladies? Its still kinda early for me to feel it so I am not sure......

Other - Next OB on Thursday! Yea!

Hope all you ladies are doing well!
MtnPrincess responded:
Hi All!

Melissa - Can you feel where the top of your uterus is if you lay on your back and feel? Mine is about an inch under my belly button and I'm just a couple days behind you. If it's up that high it's probably your stomach/intestines as they move around and readjust their position. But it's definitely not too early to feel baby! I always feel baby really early (11ish weeks this time around). I describe early movement as like little bubble pop - TMI, but almost like gas, just in the area of your uterus.
Kailah and Snowflake


w/g - as of 2 weeks ago I was -14lbs, but thanks to Phenergan I think I may be going in the right direction finally.

s/c - feeling movement pretty much every day. I got put on Phenergan last Monday as I still have had pretty severe m/s and it's working! Many celebrations this week as I've been able to eat and then keep down almost full meals! I still look really small and can still lay on my tummy with minimal discomfort so of course I'm driving myself nuts worrying about that.

other - We had a really "exciting" week around here in Colorado - a fire erupted near Colorado Springs: The Waldo Canyon Fire. I think it made national news, so you may have seen something about it. I live up Hwy 24 in Woodland Park (the fire was between us and Colorado Springs, along Hwy 24) and ended up being evacuated for 4 days. We just got back last night and our house is safe and sound, but we are still on standby evacuation notice as it's still just a couple miles from our house, even though they've got this side of it pretty well contained.

next mw/a - tomorrow at 11am. Hoping to see some weight gain, lol!
hopingforbaby2011 replied to MtnPrincess's response:
Hi all
14 weeks 1 day

w/g-2 1/2 lbs (not too bad lol)

s/c- little crampy here and there, finally getting some of my energy back. sore boobs still yay lol.. other than that, not too much.

other- Got to hear baby's heartbeat today, it was around 170 and baby was active .. Dont get to go in again til the 30th and then I get my twenty week ultrasound on Aug 14th. So excited

Hope all is well <3
jedmonds12 responded:
Julie & Little Dude


w/g: 2 lbs

s/c: Lots of movement from dude! He seems more restive than K was in utero, but he kicks harder when he does kick. Some RLP when getting up and down, belly definitely "popped" out. My boss was on vaca all last week and today she said "Wow, your belly grew a lot in a week!" I neglected to mention that I'd also been eating like a HORSE. LOL.

Other: Kawika is having a hard time teething. His last front tooth is coming in, 1 molar just broke and another is working its way through. Poor little guy is miserable

Next d/a: 7/25 for a routine OB
Julie (28) DH (36).
^i^ May 2010
PAL grad! DS Kawika born 4/25/11
EDD 10/7/12, Blue Team!
Mandy_Smiles responded:
Mandy & Reese

32 weeks 5 days

w/g: 35 lbs

Symptoms: Painful BHC pretty often. Reese is a very active baby and is like a little bulldozer compared to Gwen in utero. Gwen was my little "ninja" because I could feel her kicking and punching at the same time. Reese just abuses my insides! LOL! She puts her back toward my organs and pushes out my belly button as hard as she can and my DH just can't believe his own eyes when she is doing this. It looks like a hand or foot will pop out of my belly button at any second! My doctor called and confirmed everything the ultrasound tech told us last week, confirming that my placenta previa has resolved itself and there is no need at this point to schedule a c-section! YAY! Also, she was head down at the ultrasound and I do not think that she has flipped. I could really tell that she was trying to turn when she was turning because I thought she may rupture a kidney, stomach, lung, etc... in the process! LOL!

I have been caving to my cravings which has resulted in a few unnecessary lbs unfortunately. Swelling is starting to settle in. I can no longer fit into my normal shoes. I haven't been able to fit into my wedding ring for about 2 months now. I miss my wedding ring. I have been wearing a plain gold band but I miss my pretty diamond.

Other: I have the nesting bug! I suddenly have this need to have all of Gwen's old clothes washed and in place "just in case". I also want to set up the swing and all of that NOW rather than later so that we can break Gwen of trying to climb into them (I am psychic and just KNOW that is what Gwen will want to do to the swing! LOL!) before there is a new born baby in there. I also want to get a bag out and print out my hospital list and put it in the bag "just in case". I don't know why but I have this sudden NEED to be ready right now.

Next d/a: July 11
Mandy 27, DH 32, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, my beautiful Gweneth Grace entered the world April 4, 2011. Current EDD Late August 2012. Pink team with a pretty purple bow on top!

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