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Is there hope? possible triggs**
scarolinarn posted:
Hi everyone. Not sure if any remember me- I seem to be coming and going pretty quickly. My story- I had a chemical pregnancy and then a missed m/c with D&C back in 2007/2008 followed by my wonderful son in 2009. We started trying again 1 year ago and have since again had 1 chemical pregnancy and a missed m/c with D&C. I am pregnant again, currently about 5 weeks 3 days. My HCGs are rising, but very slowly. Initial # was 243- had them drawn every 2 days x 1 week; so 243, 355,478,545. My primary OB is on vacation this week, but the office had me come in yesterday to see if this is possibly an ectopic. The good news- they don't think it's an ectopic, but can't be sure yet. I have another ultrasound next tuesday. There is a sac, but that could be a psuedosac. The sac was measuring 4w1d and I should be 5w2d- I am pretty sure about the dates. Considering the slow to rise HCG and the sac measuring behind I think it is a safe bet that this will be another m/c and we are just going to have to sit and wait until we have a for sure answer. The Dr I saw yesterday (she is new to the group and I have not seen her before) was very nice, but since she doesn't know me or my history I felt like she was trying to "sugar coat" everything. She said that this pregnancy still had a chance and to be "cautiously optimistic". I would rather have seen my dr since I know she would have been straight forward with me, but I will see her next Tuesday at least. Any advice ladies, encouragment or hope even. Thanks so much.
Nichole(29)DH(30)DS(2):chemical pregnancy x2, missed mc w/D
sambosilver responded:
I'm so sorry you're going through this. I had a D&C in April after an ultrasound at 8w5d showed an empty sac that measured 5w1d. My HCG was at 31,071. I had the D&C because nothing was happening and my numbers started slowly dropping and my OBGYN was worried about infection. If there had been something in the sac he may have had some hope. Testing after the D&C showed placental tissue but no fetal tissue so there was no baby. This was my 2nd MC, the first in 2009. With that one I passed everything after my Dr's said it was a blighted ovum only to see the baby in the sac after passing it. I was around 12 weeks. I have 2 healthy boys, ages 18 and 11 so I don't know why all the sudden I can't seem to get pregnant and STAY pregnant. We're still trying but it's so hard. I feel your pain and your frustration, momma, and I hope that you get good news soon. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!
MtnPrincess responded:
Huge gentle ((((HUGS)))).

Personally, I always try to believe there's hope, even when there doesn't look like there's much. I've seen women have slow rising HCG's and measure that far off and suddenly BAM there's a baby with a strong heartbeat. The waiting game is totally torture. I'm sorry you're having to go through all the waiting and wondering and trying to hope, etc. Tons of sticky vibes!

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